Friday, October 30, 2015

Patrick Bruel is preparing a tribute album Barbara – Le Figaro

The singer will release a disc repeatedly called Very often I think of you , in which he revisits the monument of French song repertoire. The album’s release is scheduled on November 27.

Patrick Bruel was present Sunday, October 25 on Sunday Highly platform for the promotion of the last film to which it participates, Angel or Gabrielle . However, the singer of 56 years that chains movie roles does not forget his first love: music

According to the site ChartsinFrance, the interpreter of The Place des Grands Hommes <. /> i> has begun to take over a part of the repertoire of a monument of French song: Barbara. The Algerian singer locked himself in a studio a few weeks, that in the greatest secrecy, to record a cover album titled Very often I think of you . The record will be released on November 27 in stores.

Three years after the release of his latest album, Which of us , Patrick Bruel returned to pay homage to one of its favorite artists. He had already celebrated Barbara in January, resuming his title Vienna in his symphony concert at the Opera National de Paris.

There will be no new songs on this album but mainly classics of the singer. The flagship titles Say, when are you coming back? , Nantes , My greatest love story , or The Black Eagle will probably present.


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