Saturday, October 24, 2015

Taratata (500th concert): 6 sequences that marked Nagui (VIDEO) – TV

Double fiesta for Nagui ! With a concert celebrating the 500th Taratata , the host announced with great fanfare next return France 2 his favorite program disappeared the antenna in June 2013. The opportunity to discuss its strongest moments of the show …

A first … which almost did not see the day.

1993. The idea was born one night in a kitchen at Joinville-le-Pont (94) with the one that will become the iconic filmmaker, Gérard Pullicino . For the launch of the show, Nagui chooses Bernard Lavilliers. In reality, it is the only artist who has accepted. Indeed all afraid to sing live. The first song from Taratata will be Salome by Bernard Lavilliers , as Nagui later described as “ crazy” and “ bomber .”

Jean-Jacques Goldman … one that saved his life!

1993. For the second issue, Nagui is found three days before registration without main guest, it is being retracted. It then calls Jean-Jacques Goldman who a few weeks earlier had agreed to call credits. At the time, the interpreter fashionable refuses the invitation last minute. But ultimately, knowing Nagui desperate, he will attend D-Day and will invite even Michael Jones and Carole Fredericks . “ Jean-Jacques is incredibly kind! ,” said Nagui today.

France Gall and Véronique Sanson … the magical duo.

1994. The show was also forged its originality on unreleased duets. “ Some have incredible dimension says Nagui. The two singers, who liked the same artist [Michael Berger, note], have interpreted together The Groupie pianist A magical moment forever etched in my memory because it will not happen again … “In fact: since both artists are angry and no longer speak <. /> p>

Julian Lennon … the voice that upset.

1995. Fascinated by the emblematic voice, the host-producer had the opportunity to meet Rolling Stone or Paul McCartney Beatles . The day he receives Julian Lennon , the son of John, it is completely messed with his voice: “ The same as his father … A crazy thing ,” recalls -it.

… The reunion that gave him goose bumps.

2006. Long before concerts Insus , Taratata invite in 2006 Jean-Louis Aubert , Louis Bertignac and richard kolinka , all three on promotion. At the break, Nagui offers them to play together as then Phone : richard kolinka find the words to convince his friends that explode on That’s really you . “ That moment always makes me tears to the eyes “, says Nagui.

Alain Bashung … the man who has impressed forever.

2008. The author of Dare Joséphine presents his album Oil Blue . Sick and weak, yet he sang that night Residents of the Republic and River Deep, Mountain High , two difficult tracks. The moderator will be upset. “ I took him in my arms, I felt that the disease was in the process of winning , he confided after the death of the singer.


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