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Dawson: the real story behind the end that divided fans of the series – Screenrush

Twelve years after the end of the series clap, Greg Berlanti, one of the producers of Dawson, has finally explained how the relationship between Joey and Pacey was born in the minds of writers and how was decided the final choice Joey.

Launched in 1998 on the now defunct American channel today The WB, the series Dawson has undoubtedly marked the history of teen dramas the television. But when she left the screens in May 2003 after six seasons, his last episode left a bitter taste among some viewers. In case the final decision to Joey (Katie Holmes) who, after years of hesitation, finally decided to listen to her heart and choose Pacey (Joshua Jackson), rather than Dawson (James Van Der Beek), the hero which nevertheless gave its name to the program.

A resolution rather expected, given the trajectory taken by intrigue during the third season, but has nonetheless surprised fans of the main character. Twelve years later, the producer Greg Berlanti (Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Blindspot), who worked as writer and executive producer on the series, has entrusted the Vulture website on the reasons that led the authors to create a love triangle between Dawson, Joey and Pacey, and which, ultimately, tipped the balance in favor of beautiful brown.

In the beginning, there were Dawson and Joey

When creating Dawson in 1998, Kevin Williamson, just basking in the success of Scream and Scream 2, which he wrote the screenplay, has a very clear vision of what will be the series. It will focus on the love story of Dawson Leery, persona he shaped according to his own story teenager dreaming of cinema and Hollywood, and Joey Potter, the girl next door that will take time to “notice” and to do other than tomboy. And obviously, as the original plan of the writer, the series can not conclude otherwise than by these two soul mates together.

Except that here, in 1999, after the second season, Kevin Williamson leaves his duties as showrunner to sail to other projects (including the creation of the Wasteland series, which unfortunately does not find its audience). Dawson who knows pretty hearings, without being exceptional, then continues without his “daddy” and the team of scriptwriters up hopes to leave Dawson and Joey in the center of the story, to keep the course established by Williamson.

Quickly though, creatively, the beginning of season 3 proves very complicated. Some plots are poorly received by fans (Eve, cheating Andie) and the chain and the studio then ask Greg Berlanti, just promoted to showrunner , to find a way to redress the balance in faster. The solution, Berlanti already has in mind. It is called “Joey and Pacey” and is about to launch a new era for the series of WB.

A love unexpected story to save the show?

The reconciliation between Joey and Pacey Witter, the best friend of Dawson, is initiated by the middle of the third season. “I wanted to tell a story to the King Arthur, in which Arthur Dawson would, and that would allow us to explore what happens when Lancelot and Guinevere fall in love” says Greg Berlanti. The long-awaited kiss occurs during episode 17 of this season and therefore it is too late to turn back. “We wrote what we wanted to see on the screen, and we have not really thought about the impact this could have” .

But ultimately, it unexpected development, which seems to pack the majority of fans, drives up the hearings and gives the series a few of its best episodes (“We know well the song”, “Married Life”). “The relationship between Joey and Pacey was different and surprising. Nobody expected us to go in this direction” says the prolific producer. “These two characters have always had an incredible chemistry. They had a little something Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn that was that I loved writing for them” .

The love story between Joey and Pacey, a couple at the end of Season 3, and the war between him and Dawson, still enthrall fans during almost all of the season 4. Until the prom episode coupon and the inevitable rupture, to shake things up a bit, drama forces. The renewal of the series for a fifth season marks the transition from high school to university figures and also the departure of Greg Berlanti, who is going to create his own series, Everwood.

Choosing Joey … and choice of Kevin

Despite a stealth rapprochement during episode 15 of the season 6, “The Longest Night”, Joey and Pacey will never recover together during the last two years of the show. These new episodes, lower in quality, especially finally endeavor to rebuild the friendship between Dawson and Joey, in one way or another, have always had feelings for each other. Therefore, anything is possible as to the final outcome of the series.

After the end of the adventure officially announced, The WB and Sony Pictures Television decided to contact Kevin Williamson to ask her to return write the latest episode, to close the loop. Williamson agrees and begins to floor on this double final episode, in collaboration with Berlanti and Maggie Friedman. If the idea of ​​making a leap in time of five years is rapidly stopped, the question of who will choose Joey is problematic for Kevin Williamson. “Kevin was not present during seasons centered Pacey and Joey. He probably thought he had to finish the series Dawson and Joey, as he had always planned” .

” While we were trying to build the plot of the episode, Kevin realized that a major part of the series was made without him and that history had evolved into something different. Another direction was taken ” says Greg Berlanti. series finale eventually ends in Dawson, having realized his dream in Hollywood, and … Joey and Pacey couple. Dawson has got success, but not the girl of his dreams, really.

And even if this outcome sounds like a resolution of the love triangle Dawson-Joey-Pacey, the question soulmates remains open by Kevin Williamson himself: “From the beginning, I wanted to talk soulmates Telling what I believe to be soul mates.” , he confided in June when ATX festival. “It’s not always romantically. In the end, I think Pacey and Joey are soul mates, like Dawson and Joey, Pacey and Dawson or. This triangle has always been the heart Series “. Dawson and Joey, friendly soul mates? Fans of the duo can probably take comfort with this.


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