Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gad Elmaleh and Kev Adams: a common sight in 2016 – Gala

They have already made the stage together – but never entire show. Kev Adams and Gad Elmaleh play Everything is possible in October and November 2016, a two-men show created expressly for the occasion.

“There is a climate of tension and quite unhealthy competition”. Last December, Kev Adams denounced a “war” between the French comic. “This is the game that will crush that,” he assured: less than a year later, the teenagers favorite comedian seems to have found the parade. The proof: it just announced a joint show with Gad Elmaleh, Everything is possible , which will be played in October and November 2016 throughout France


Gad Elmaleh, away from the scene since his one-man show Sans Tambour (in 2013), this duo is an opportunity to improve its image among comedy fans, after the controversy linked to its participation in a commercial for Crédit Lyonnais. The success of the project announced Everything is possible regonflera him as certainly ego : his attempts to stand-up in the English-speaking world have not allowed him to also shine hard as he wanted.

“We are very pleased to announce our show together, said Gad Elmaleh. The idea of ​​the show is the result of all that ‘lived together on stage. We were guests, we met, we became friends. He invited me to come on his scene, I invited him to come on my stage, we improvised things, when we saw that it fitted, we wanted to celebrate it. “ Kev Adams, who is 20 years younger than his older, for its part realizes a dream on stage with comedian amount that made her want to do this job.

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