Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Trailer of “Star Wars” in 1977 which are the haters who do not like? – Release

As part of the broadcast on the American channel ESPN last night, the new trailer for Star Wars has unsurprisingly broke the Internets since its nocturnal posting. The official YouTube account for Star Wars has published around 5:00 am (French time) on the last trailer of Force Wake , the episode of the saga VII Star Wars due in theaters on December 16th. In six hours, the video-which has since been copied and back online on other comptes- attracted over 4.4 million views.

At the time of writing, 143 045 Internet users have “liked” the video (that is the number of inches in the air visible at the bottom right of the YouTube player), when 1977 people demonstrated the opposite sentiment, dropping shamelessly virtual thumb down the infamy. While these malcontents represent -to time T of the writing of this text-only 0.04% of the users who saw the video. The question remains relevant: who are the people in 1977 (yes, like the release year of Episode IV, it is a happy coincidence) have not enjoyed the trailer to the point of having to manifest a thumbs down their disapproval? Elements of response.

They expected a new info ounce on the script

No luck, it is a film directed by JJ Abrams and not Michael Bay, we can not then restore from A to Z the movie going up the various trailers which, though generous in shock plans remain very stingy level narration.

They are disappointed not to see Luke Skywalker

Do not show Mark Hammil Luke in the final poster of the film, it was already a blow to them, but do not see in this new trailer is the drop of water. With this fear that installs: what if Luke would die in the first ten minutes of the film? Except we now expect it. So he will not die, this is clearly a trap of this trickster JJ Abrams. Perhaps we only see him for a contemplative sequence shot 17 minutes between two air battles.

They are misogynistic

After discovering that the actress Daisy Ridley monopolized most of the poster, the grumpy definitely have not supported it had the privilege of opening the trailer of the film.

They are racist

After discovering that the original English actor John Boyega Nigerian monopolized a significant part of the poster of the film, these were not permanently grumpy he supported the privilege of quasi open the trailer of the film. No joke, some even speak of “promotion of a white genocide” .

They have never seen a “Star Wars”

These people have no need to find Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in their roles as Han Solo and Leia, replay majestic chords of John Williams and feel the pleasure of imposing real locations rather filthy green funds the second trilogy. They have never seen a single Star Wars (or only The Phantom Menace , which is the same), they do not count as one day and enthusiasm smug hardcore fans angry at the more to the point.

Their finger foolishly slipped

The stupid accident, the mouse a little greasy, sticky finger and click. This explanation makes little sense because a “like” or “I do not like” is totally reversible.

They are George Lucas.

Stop, George, it’s embarrassing.

Alexandre Hervaud


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