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“My King” Maïwenn: Plans are tight, the film is not – The Obs

If some less enlightened by the film itself as guided by the statements of intent of the director, could imagine that “Poliss” dealt with pedophilia and its repression, “My King” unlikely go for the film that it is not: this time, Maïwenn does not pretend to be interested in something other than relationships

The young woman invented a character that. she called Tony, she was a lawyer and she entrusted the role to Emmanuelle Bercot (very good, even if the interpretation award from the Cannes jury seems disproportionate). Early in the film, Tony is busting his knee. Here immobilized for several weeks with nothing to do but think of herself. And when she thinks of her, she thinks Georgio (Vincent Cassel), trendy restaurant and unrepentant seducer with whom she has just spent ten eventful years.

Questioning bales

Only little couple formed by Louis Garrel, in the role of Tony’s brother, and sister of Maïwenn Le Besco, the film offers some breathing room. Together, Georgio and Tony broke the stake, if engueulaient if rabibochaient. He told him of cracks, cheated as possible. Together they had a child, they parted, together, separated (“Never”), found (“O you, my king!”). If the plans are tight, the film is not.

It spreads by questioning bales (but what do I do, I so bright, all my girlfriends tell me so, with this bastard destroys me?) by foolishly exposed suggestions (and if it was not by chance that I farted knee, eh, what do you say?). Maïwenn balance everything in bulk, without worrying about how and why some apparently that since it happened, it will captivate everyone.

And then it captive? As a heading “Mail heart” that would require more than two hours of reading. And when Tony comes to asking young people around him lame in his rehabilitation center they find him (they come from the cities do not have a round and swing him valves rotten to it if Paris if lawyer if Petee gold coins), you find yourself wishing they ruin her other knee. But no, they are too well behaved for that, too docile above. They do what the author their order, they are moved, they admire. The complacency has struck again.

Pascal Mérigeau

◊ “ My King “French comedy drama by Maïwenn. With Vincent Cassel, Emmanuelle Bercot, Louis Garrel, Isild Le Besco (2:08).


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