Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The great return of Louise Attack – The Point

Attack Louise flagship group of French rock scene of the late 90s, is back after ten years of sleep. First meeting Wednesday on the radio with the release of a new title, “Anomaly”, a prelude to anticipated fourth album “early 2016″.

Led by its singer Gaëtan Roussel, Louise Attaque is Back in trio (with bassist Robin Feix and violinist Arnaud Samuel) after having separated from its historical drummer Alexandre Margraff. The new record, announced for “early 2016″, was “recorded between London, Berlin, Brighton, Alpilles and Paris” and was co-produced by producer Oliver Som, arranger Tristan Salvati and the group, said Tuesday the Barclay house.

Louise Attack The alarm was announced on social networks over the summer. This new album will be the first since See you later alligator (2005). Since the group had just recorded a new song (“From the world around”) to accompany a best-of appeared in 2011.

Rock Album best selling in France

Remember Involved in the 1990s, many people to have danced with “J’t’emmène wind” and “Parisian parties”. The “Your invitation” and “Leah” tubes have them, ignited the concert halls. Louise Attack pervades the French rock landscape in 1997. His first album remains “to date, the album rock’s best-selling France” with three million copies sold, says Barclay. The second album, As told in 2000, has sold 900,000 copies and the third to 500 000.

This revival of Louise Attack mark a homecoming Gaëtan Roussel who for ten years has made a name with solo albums and collaborations noticed alongside Alain Bashung or Vanessa Paradis. The other group members have also conducted several parallel projects since. “We have a group in his life and (…) it was like not to have said it all,” says the singer in the magazine Les Inrockuptibles . The trio announced plans to leave on tour. The trio also explains the “tragedy” that was parting with their drummer, after more than twenty years of collaboration. “I cried a lot Texts speak a lot of couples separating, friendship is very painful, “says Robin Feix bassist.


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