Monday, October 19, 2015

“Star Wars VII”: the official poster (and what it reveals to us)! – Point

This time the countdown actually began more than two months before the release of Star Wars VII ! It is time for Disney to get out the heavy artillery in marketing promotion. A new trailer will be aired Monday night and the US on ESPN (Disney’s sports channel), on the occasion of a great football game. But above all, the owner of Lucasfilm pulls the official poster of Force Wake , which will soon be plastered in all theaters.

Like any piece of Star Wars , that first post was immediately auscultated by millions of fans trying to interpret what it shows, as that it does not show. And what it does not show, it is mainly Luke Skywalker! Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO, all the heroes of the original trilogy, are present on this poster surfing obviously our fiber nostalgic, but not Luke. Is he dead ? Is it in exile? Its absence does it mean that his role will be secondary in the film or on the contrary, it is so important that we keep the secret? The paris are open

A Black Star 3.0

Second mystery.? What is hidden in the upper right corner of this poster? It looks like a space station with a weapon of mass destruction … Will we again we hit the Death Star? It would, after all, only the third time …

Note, also, just above the BB-8 robot, an overview of Teedo, recently unveiled a character. According to the official website of Star Wars it is a “small and rude scavenger that roams the great wasteland Jakku in its semi-mechanical Luggabest”. That tells us a lot! One thing is certain, the creature is related to Rey, the young woman at the center of the poster.

The power to women

Played by Daisy Ridley, character family names yet Unknown might be the main heroine of the Alarm Force, Judging by its placement on this poster. So far, the focus was on Finn, the hero portrayed by John Boyega, but here we find the slightly recessed from its sidekick. Certainly, it has a laser coronation. But vagueness seems maintained around the weapon wielded by Rey, whose boundaries coincide with those of the red sword of the great villain of the story, the Sith Lord Kylo Ren.

Finally, note the new hairstyle sported by Princess Leia and the official demise reference to “Episode VII”. Unlike the prequels, which was to precede the episode title of a figure, The Force Wake is careful to highlight its serial number. The studio can present this disappearance as a homecoming since the first trilogy posters did not either. But this is probably mostly a strategic choice: the challenge is to perceive this episode as a new beginning, and not an umpteenth on. We should not risk losing the public who would not have been prior studies

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