Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Adele breaks records on YouTube with Hello – Le Figaro

VIDEO – In five days, clip the new title of British singer was seen over a hundred million times, and became the most watched video of the 2015.

This is a start with a bang for Hello , the highly anticipated title of the British singer Adele. Posted Friday, October 23 on YouTube, the video has been viewed over 105 million times, and becomes at the same time the most listened song to its launch on the platform this year.

black The clip and white this melancholy ballad was seen on average a million times every hour Friday and Saturday. In the afternoon of Tuesday, October 27, the video had accumulated nearly 94 million views. She has almost twelve million more Wednesday morning. On his blog, YouTube praised the event, noting that no other video had made such a good start in 2015.

Even the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars, The Wake-Force , is exceeded by the clip of the singer, returning after several years of silence.

The string of music videos Vevo said Hello views were also hit a record on its platform, where the video was watched 27 million times in the first 24 hours after its release. The trade magazine Billboard also said that the song was about to beat the record for the biggest selling single on the internet during his first week in the United States.

The clip Hello was realized by the Quebecois filmmaker Xavier Nolan. This is the first single from the album called Adele 25 , which is due out on 20 November. The previous album of the singer, called 21 , is by far the best selling album of the 21st century in the UK.

The title Hello however, is still far exceed the absolute record on YouTube, still held by South Korean Psy Gangnam and must Style watched more than 2.4 billion times.


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