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She, Frantz and Ma Loute laugh, but a lot of others cry. The announcement of nominations for the César 2017 Wednesday has placed the films of Verhoeven, Ozon and Dumont among the favorites for the ceremony, scheduled for 24 February. But she has also done a lot of disappointed, which could legitimately be expected to compete. Small review of the films and artists who have been unfairly snobés.

The comedies are once again forgotten when it comes to Caesar. Of course, Victoria of Justine Triet is in the starting blocks to win trophies, but this film unfolds mostly a wry humour, tinged with a certain melancholy. in My Loute of Bruno Dumont is at the rendezvous, but his fantasy gasps and gags her hysterics are more clivants. Side ” a comedy for the general public, as they say, it is broke.

of course, Les Tuches 2 and Camping 3, the big winners at the box office 2016 not to be distinguished by their qualities of film, on the other hand, Dad or Mom 2 would have been a worthy representative of this humor French capable of brewing wide. The authors Alexandre de la Patellière and Matthieu Delaporte, to whom we must first Name, which was césarisé in his time, would have been able to compete with their scenario. The dad and the mom of the title could also have been nominated for this film… They were eventually to other : Laurent Laffitte in the second male role for She and Marina Foïs, the actress, for Flawless.

It was expected among the favorites, Repair the living has to be satisfied with only one nomination, that of best adapted screenplay. Katell Quillévéré would have been a serious candidate for the trophy of best director, as she had managed to counterbalance this story on the donation of organs by staging air and light, enveloping the viewer’s gaze in a cocoon.

Inspired by the acclaimed novel by Maylis de Kerangal, the film had everything to reconcile the critic and the public. And it was just beautiful. We have also seen a quote from César in the supporting actress to Anne Dorval, as the actress québec enjoys a beautiful côte d’amour in France. But the heart of the voters had his reasons…

The film by Bertrand Bonello will have been cursed until the end. Zapped of the cannes selection, to which he seemed promised, this drama worked by the outrageous theme of terrorism has not found its audience in the room this fall. The audience have probably turned back, thinking it might revive the trauma of the attacks. But the voters of the Académie des César did not show more consideration for Nocturama

One can only regret that none of its young actors, such as Hamza Meziani, are among the hopes. Bertrand Bonello would have on him perfectly took its place among the best filmmakers because, in the space of two hours, he manages to both maintain a voltage that is worthy of the crime fiction of Jean-Pierre Melville to compose a closed-door accents dream and pierced him with violence. in Nocturama would have had to compete amongst the best movies because it is an important work. The time he will surely make justice.

We admit, to see the last film of the duo Gustave Kervern and Benoit Delepine in the running for a few cuts gold would have been seen as an amazing and beautiful surprise. Past, unfortunately, all too unnoticed in the classroom, Saint Amour, a road movie rural very touching with its manly heroes fragile, however, has offered to Benoît Poelvoorde as his best role to date. The Belgian would not have not done a task between Pierre Niney and Nicolas Duvauchelle.

Gérard Depardieu would have when with him is a honourable candidate for the best second male role, as is Vincent Lacoste… who is beautiful is aptly named, but for another film : Victoria.

In 2014, Kristen Stewart turned in front of the camera of Olivier Assayas. The film was called Sils Maria. Result : five nominations for the César, including a trophy for the best second female role for the American. In the past year, same player shoot again, Kristen Stewart has found Olivier Assayas for Personal Shopper, but this time, the voters have completely skipped.

Why such a dislike ? The actress pays its way about the ceremony ? She had confided after the fact to have “slept with eyes open” during this long evening of autocongratulation of French cinema… A nomination for Olivier Assayas would it have been too obvious ? Mystery. Still, it may be unfortunate that this movie intriguing, adventure-side of fantastic cinema, not to be mentioned in any category.

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