Monday, January 23, 2017

Altercation between Cyrille Eldin and a journalist of Daily – Europe1

Cyrille Eldin’s Diary has had a lively altercation with a journalist of the Daily yesterday evening near the HEADQUARTERS of Benoît Hamon.

To the One this morning :

-TF1 is riding on the enthusiasm of the French for the handball world championship

-the Clap of the end for the series The Blood of the Vine France 3

-The United States, Donald Trump very upset with the media

It starts with an altercation between Cyrille Eldin and a journalist of a Daily close to the HQ of Benoît Hamon yesterday evening.

Atmosphere tense between the teams of the Diary of Canal+ and Daily on TMC. Yesterday evening, while many journalists were trying to get a reaction from Benoît Hamon following the results of the primary to the left, Cyrille Eldin has had an exchange muscled, with a crew of Yann Barthes.

“next time, it is an elbow, violent”, an incident filmed by the phone of one of the journalists present on the spot. The origin of this dispute :

the trend to the two editors competing to cut the word to the other during the interviews, as you can see on this other video 10 days ago during an interview of Benoît Hamon.
The war is, therefore, declared between Le Petit Journal and Daily. We have contacted the productions of the two shows this morning : the Diary, one does not wish to react to what she describes as “epiphenomenon”, while Daily did not wish to speak on the altercation.

French channel TF1 will offer the next matches of the Team of France of Handball during the world cup.

The first matches of Experts have been published only on BeIn Sports, but from the quarter-finals, the incredible journey of the blues during the world will be accessible to all viewers.

in the Face of the enthusiasm of the French for the competition, the TF1 group has decided to offer the distribution rights for the upcoming matches of the team of France. On Tuesday evening, the quarter final against Sweden will be one to watch on TF1, before you switch on TMC before 20 hours. The one will also air the semi-final and the final of this world cup in case of qualification of blue.

We remain on TF1 : the channel is going to adapt a novel by Guillaume Musso in the series.

The continues to develop fiction, following the success of The Revenge with clear eyes or Munch. For his next series project, TF1 has chosen to adapt one of the novels of the biggest seller of books in France : Guillaume Musso.

The writer announced this weekend on RTL as the best-selling The call of the angel will soon be available in series. This book tells the story of a man and a woman who exchange their mobile phones, and discover that they are bound by a dark secret.

singer Lorie gives its new after a discomfort to the spectacle of Enfoirés.

Thursday evening, in the middle of the show Mission Enfoirés Toulouse, Lorie has done an uneasiness on stage, before being transported behind the scenes. While many spectators were surprised by the absence of the singer, she was keen to reassure his audience this weekend on the social networks with this message :

“Due to a big blow of fatigue, I’ve been able to do a few tables at the beginning of the show. I rested, and I’ll be a little better”. Lorie has thus kept the “positive attitude”, she even went to other concerts of the Enfoirés this weekend.

Clap end for the hit series The Blood of the Vine on France 3.

A decision is curious on the part of the chain of the public service, as on Saturday night, France 3′s arrival at the head of the hearings through to the last episode of the series, followed by 3.5 million viewers. A nice score, but the chain believes that it is “not exceptional” for the fiction.

Despite the success in quantitative and qualitative terms, France 3 has decided not to renew the Blood of the Vines for an eighth season, to the great regret of Pierre Arditi, who plays the hero of the series, as he has entrusted it to Paris this weekend : “This decision is a mystery to me, it makes me a twinge,” he said.

Ariane Massenet is preparing a series on behind-the-scenes of television.

A project that will mark the grand return of Ariane Massenet on the small screen, three years after the judgment ofIs it working ? C8.

According to Paris Match, the ex-sidekick of Marc Olivier Fogiel is currently working on a series telling the behind the scenes of the ruthless world of television, a fiction in which she should tell personal anecdotes. At the same time, another facilitator tv is preparing a series on the same theme : Thierry Ardisson is in the midst of writing a series christened Talk-Show.

executive officer of Victoires de la Musique meets M Pokora after her criticism of the ceremony.

a few days ago, M Pokora had expressed his displeasure in discovering that he was not among the named Victoires de la Musique 2017. The singer had insinuated itself into Key Not at My Post that it was probably too popular, and that he sold may be too many albums for the ceremony.

Following these criticisms, the director general Gilles Désangles held to answer M Pokora in an interview with Téléstar : According to him, M Pokora was not selected, because there are not enough voters in the Academy of Victories that have seen that his album was sufficiently remarkable to select it. It also reminds that the Victories of the Music is not based on objective results such as sales figures.

in The United States, Donald Trump angry with the media.

The 45th president of the United States is known to have tense relations with certain media, and his latest statements during a speech in front of the intelligence officers from the CIA confirm this reputation.

Donald Trump, furious against the tv channels who have shown stands are nearly empty during his investiture was strongly taken to the journalists : “what are human beings the most dishonest of the earth. I made a speech in front of a million to a million and a half people, while a chain, has shown the lawns empty in speaking of 250,000 people”. This weekend, several photos posted on social networks showed that the investiture ceremony of Donald, was a lot less crowded than that of Barack Obama eight years ago.

It ends with the figure of the day :

93.8 million. This is the number of subscribers to the platform of video on demand Netflix, a figure rising to seven million in a quarter.

This success, Netflix the law, in large part, to its in-house productions, such as the series The Crown or Narcos.


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