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Emmanuelle Riva, a course in love Hiroshima to Hollywood – The Parisian

Entrée with a bang but a quiet voice in the world of cinema in 1959 with “Hiroshima my love”, the actress Emmanuelle Riva, who died at age 89, has been devoted on the later with “Love”, after a career as rich as it is demanding.
“Each individual has several lives in him. And in this business, one develops all these possibilities and it is exciting”, explained to the AFP that that was back on the croisette in 2012 for “Amour” by Michael Haneke, future Palme d’or.
She played Anne, a woman whose condition is deteriorating and moving towards death, in great suffering, shared with her husband, played by Jean-Louis Trintignant.
Living thi s role in “deliverance”, the performance earned him a César for best actress, a Bafta british and an Oscar nomination at age 85, beaten to the oscar by Jennifer Lawrence (“Happiness Therapy”).
Well before Hollywood, which used to be called Paulette performs the classics in his bedroom of a teenager in Remiremont, near the small town of Cheniménil where she was born in 1927.
at the age of 19, having started out as a seamstress, and despite the reticence of his working-class family, she went to Paris to take courses in dramatic art, obtaining a scholarship.
She began a career in the theatre under its new name, Emmanuelle, and then is spotted by Alain Resnais, who chooses for the lead role of his first feature, “Hiroshima my love”, on a script by Marguerite Duras.
- “Change of roles” -
We are in 1959, 14 years after the first atomic bombs, and this love story between a French actress and a japanese architect in the d evastated town meeting a success around the world, bringing the actress for the first time at the Cannes film festival.
In 1962, she won the best actor prize at the Venice film Festival for the role of “Therese Desqueyroux”, the poisoner of the novel by François Mauriac.
Emmanuelle Riva is now famous, but, at the time of the starlets faded and Brigitte Bardot, this brunette with almond-shaped eyes, refuses the easy choices, preferring the shadow to the light.
“After +Hiroshima my love+ I have greatly struggled against the classification. What is important to us, to us actors, that is to change roles”, explained to AFP.
For fifty years, she walks her game stripped down and his voice modulated in theatre, television, and film, where she plays less often in leading roles – under the orders of the greats: Melville, Franju, Cayatte, Arabal, Mocky, Bellochio, Garrel.
In 1992, her role of matriarch relentless in “Far from Brazil̶ 1; Tilly reminds the good memories of movie-goers, and she went on a year later with “Blue” by Krzysztof Kieslowski. It will also be seen in “Venus beauty (institute)” Pitch Marshall in 1999.
She portrays the mothers and grandmothers for the past ten years when Michael Haneke propels it again in the light.
In 2014 she was honoured with the prize ” Beaumarchais the best actress (awarded by a jury of critics of Figaro) for the part of Marguerite Duras “Savannah Bay”.
“there is a very great joy to feel that he escapes to oneself to go where we don’t know,” said she about her profession of actress.
“It is said +to Enter the skin of the character+, it sounds a little corny, but in fact it is enough that, with all the flesh and the spirit and the heart”.


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