Sunday, January 29, 2017

Emmanuelle Riva, John Hurt, the film in mourning –

“Hiroshima my love” to “Savannah Bay”, Emmanuelle Riva, who has just disappeared, has had a rich career and unobtrusive manner through the most beautiful texts of the cinema and the theatre.

By visiting the next month at the Oscars, where she contributes to “It”, Isabelle Huppert, will certainly have a thought for Emmanuelle Riva. Swept away on Friday by the cancer a few weeks short of his 90-year-old actress to be the voice inimitable had preceded the ceremony in 2013, on the day of his 86 years. It was for “Love”, from Michael Haneke, in which she shared the poster, Riva by professor of music declining, Huppert in the girl impatiently.

The Oscar nomination followed the Caesar that the actress had received with good humour and natural (“It is heavier than me !”) and replaced under the glare of the celebrity, a half-century after his first great role, in “Hiroshima my love”, by Alain Resnais.

She had aged but hadn’t changed, was still living in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, a street which the booksellers had been evicted “by the stalls”, and lamented it on the phone. His number was in the directory.

“All the faces of love”

Born Paulette Riva, the young Vosges beauty wise and radiant, who arrived in Paris in the years existentialists had preferred the theatre to the seam. It was the consecration to the cinema. “Hiroshima my love”, according to Marguerite Duras, was followed in a few years a dozen films, including “The eighth day” of Marcel Hanoun, “Léon Morin, priest”, from Jean-Pierre Melville, “Thérèse Desqueyroux” and “Thomas the impostor”, Franju, and then “risks of the trade”, by André Cayatte.

Demanding in their choices, love being courted but never in chains, Emmanuelle Riva dispenses his will in more than 50 films and close to 40 plays. In “Love”, it is Anne, which the state decrescendo will push Jean-Louis Trintignant, as her husband, in the killing by way of euthanasia, we nailed it in our armchairs of voyeurs.

Emmanuelle Riva continued to receive texts and was reviewed at the theatre in 2014 in “Savannah Bay”, Marguerite Duras, under the direction of Didier Bezace.

“She has embodied in a unique fashion, all the faces of love, throughout a life dedicated to the greatest authors”, confirmed yesterday the minister of Culture, Audrey Azoulay, after President Hollande has emphasized that it “created an intense emotion in all of the roles that she interpreted”.

Emmanuelle Riva leaves the mark of elegance away from the stardom. Two recent films will attest this year : “Mary and the castaways”, by Sébastien Bethbeder, and “Paris barefoot”, the duo’s whimsical Abel and Gordon.

the mouth to the 1,000 faces

John Hurt, the british actor to $ 1, 000 faces, including that of “the Elephant man” (1980) is dead at his home in England, died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 77 years, a-t-we learned yesterday.

originally intended For a career of professor of drawing, her film career took off for his second role in “Midnight Express” (1978), followed by”Alien, the 8th passenger”. All generations of spectators have known, since, in 140 films, John Hurt has been Mr ollivander’s in “Harry Potter”, the professor Ox’ d’ “Indiana Jones”, Dexter on “Melancholia” by Lars von Trier and the father McSorley, in “Jackie” (Kennedy), which will be Wednesday on the screens in French.


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