Thursday, January 12, 2017

Turning Kim Kardashian : four indictments – The Point

experienced men and known for a long time in the middle of the bandit : this is the profile of the suspects that is taking shape in the investigation on the robbery of the american star Kim Kardashian in Paris, which led to the first indictments Thursday. Among the ten protagonists arrested Monday and still in the hands of the investigators or the justice, one of five men suspected of having entered armed into the residence luxury hotel in Paris, where the star of reality tv was without his body-guard, on the night of October 2 to 3, was presented before the investigating judge. Already sentenced for aggravated theft and trafficking of narcotic drugs, Yunice A., age 63, has been indicted for robbery with a weapon in the organized group, abduction or kidnapping a nd criminal association, has announced the prosecutor’s office in Paris. Three other men, considered as accomplices, have also been indicted. The six other suspects are yet to go before the judge of instruction on Thursday or Friday. During the police custody, some “recognized” their involvement, said a source close to the investigation, without any other precision.

Handsome guys old

According to the scenario reconstructed by the investigators, the team suspected of having carried out the steering full of chutzpah on a star ultramédiatisée had experience. The youngest member of the band has 54 years old, the oldest, arrested Monday in Grasse, 72, and the other three are customers, as Yunice A. “Of handsome guys to the former,” says a source close to the investigation. Among these five men, four have already been sentenced by a criminal court in the 80′s and 90′s, for aggravated theft, robbery or drug trafficking.

investigators believe hold the “brain” of the attack, a 60-year old man whose DNA was found at the beginning of the investigations on one of the links that have served to hamper Kim Kardashian. Known in the middle of the highway robbery, it has been guarded by the Brigade for the repression of banditry (BRB), under the authority of the investigating judges of paris, and his contacts have allowed to go back to the rest of the team. One of the other suspects, a 61-year-old, nicknamed ” blue Eyes “, is also an old acquaintance of the police and justice. He had already been sentenced in 2003 to Bobigny to eight and a half years in prison in a case of international trafficking of cocaine, suspected to have received two tons of drugs at the le Bourget airport.

“Many errors “

Masked and wearing leather jackets to police, the robbers had overpowered the night watchman, and then the two of them were mounted in the apartment of the star of 36 years. They had pointed a gun at his temple before the tie up, gag her, then lock her in the bathroom. Amount of loot : € 9 million, the largest theft of jewellery committed on an individual in France for more than twenty years. The five men had arrived on foot or by bike, after having been deposited into the vehicle to some nearby residence. A sixth man, son of one of the suspects, is suspected of having served as a driver. “They thought that this would be the coup of the century but have made a lot of mistakes,” said one investigator. In their escape, they had lost a pendant set with diamonds belonging to the young woman.

The other four players are suspected to have informed the robbers on the use of the time of the star, as Florus H., 44 years of age, or Gary M., 27 years old, indicted Thursday for being an accomplice to robbery with a weapon in the band organized, complicity to kidnapping and forcible confinement and criminal conspiracy. About Marceau B., 64 years old, whose investigators have identified the trace at Antwerp, the capital of the trade of the jewellery, it is suspected of being involved in the flow of loot. He has been indicted for receiving stolen property by organized group and criminal association. His criminal record carries more than ten entries, including one in 1998 for possession and transport of counterfeit currency, and another for aggravated theft. Released from prison at the end of 2011, he was indicted six months later in a case of manufacture of fake tickets, but was acquitted at the assizes last summer.


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