Saturday, January 21, 2017

Kristen Stewart loose on Donald Trump : “What is your problem ?” – Tv

If she now lives a love story with the sexy supermodel Stella Maxwell, the name of Kristen Stewart is still associated in the minds of all to that of Robert Pattinson, his partner in the saga Twilight and boyfriend of the time. Their couple was a dream (or cringe) fans of the saga vampire. Up to the drama : the revelation of the infidelity of Kristen Stewart. In 2012, the young woman is surprised in the arms of Rupert Sanders, the producer of his film Snow White and the huntsman.

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After this deceit, a question divides : Robert Pattinson should he forgive and return with Kristen Stewart ? Everyone seems to have their opinion, even Donald Trump ! The now President of the United States was then posted on Twitter several messages attacking the young woman : “Robert Pattinson should not reconcile with Kristen Stewart. She has deceived and treated like a dog, she will do it again, you’ll see. It can be so much better !” ; “All the world knows that I am right and that Robert Pattinson should dump Kristen Stewart. In a few years, I thank you. Be smart, Robert.”

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messages on which Kristen Stewart is back Friday during an interview with the magazine Variety during the Festival, the american Sundance film. Referring to this succession of nasty tweets, the actress said : “He was angry with me a few years ago. He was really obsessed by me, which is crazy. At the time, he was a star of reality tv so I was not necessarily reached but thinking back today, I say to myself, ‘Hey dude, what is your problem ?‘”

And then the journalist alludes to the many tweets from Donald Trump attacking women in power, Kristen Stewart expresses his disbelief : I can’t even understand such an attitude. Literally. It seems so far-fetched that I refuse to believe that this is actually happening. This is crazy.


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