Friday, January 13, 2017

Capucine Anav : his infidelity declared – Paris Match

Capucine Anav has made a new revelation on his private life: the young woman has delighted the audience of “He thinks what Camille?” with an anecdote about his infidelity.

Capucine Anav, which however has the habit to talk about it, once again headlines this Wednesday. In the issuance of Camille Combal “He thinks what Camille ?” the beautiful has announced live his personal motto: “Suck is not cheat”. This information is output after a question posed to Capucine by Camille Combal to know if the young woman had already been unfaithful. Capucine Anav began by responding “Absolutely not dear Camille,” and then finished by adding: “Oh, it really is can be come younger. But it’s okay, you’re young-what (… ) I was 16 years old I don’t consider it as wrong”. These statements were greeted by laughter and applause from an audience. “He thinks what Camille ?” is the issue that precedes “Key not at my post” in the evening on C8.

Freshly single since her break up with Louis Sarkozy, the columnist of the “Key not at my post” is known for his frankness on the set of Cyril Hanouna and his tendency to unwrap his private life live to the delight of his colleagues and viewers. Of return, after the end of the year holidays, Capucine Anav said “go well” after her separation, despite a year and a half relationship with the son of the former president. A choice of reason : the beautiful had preferred to focus on her career rather than her marriage.

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