A consultant to the CSA has called on Cyril Hanouna on its “outrageousness” – Pierre-Emmanuel Rastoin

Cyril Hanouna ? He crossed the line ? The advisor to the CSA Memona Hintermann; arrested on Wednesday on Europe 1 Cyril Hanouna, the host of the show Key not at my post, stating that he had ” no need of all these excesses “, while commending his efforts in the field of diversity.

Come to comment on the annual report of the CSA on the diversity, Memona Hintermann; stated that ” on this point, Cyril Hanouna is a man who knows how to be civic “.

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” You have certainly endured you-even discrimination “

” It is very nasty on many other subjects, especially women, with his way to be a bit… vulgar, ” said the councillor in charge of diversity. “Cyril, if you listen to us, I went into schools, very recently in the Island of the Meeting where we listen to you a lot. The problem is that the profs tell me that in ten minutes you will arrive to break the job that they do in two years. Think about it, you know what is France, you have certainly endured you-even discrimination, ” she continued.

Several warnings against them

The CSA, which has been referred to repeatedly on the issuance of C8 TPMP, has issued several warnings against them for several sequences deemed to be offensive or humiliating.

” we need to take into account what the public is saying to us, all of these gripes, “said Memona Hintermann;, adding that Cyril Hanouna did” not need to use all of these excesses ” for the hearing.

” I’m never “trash” or vulgar on-air “

Questioned by AFP, the facilitator explained : “We live every day, there may be small slip-ups. The CSA does its job, but it is going to realize that there is nothing very serious. “

TPMP is a program of family caring, the chain trusts me because she knows I’m never “trash” or vulgar to the antenna. It is not there to be an escalation of the provoc, nor to tickle the CSA “, has he ensured, on the sidelines of a press conference of Canal +. “The CSA represents the viewer, and we respect the viewers “, concluded the moderator.

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