Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The secrets of the victory of Iris Miss Universe – West-France

Because she is gone

The former Miss France, had much news on the social networks the previous months competition. Here on her makeup. (Photo : Iris Mittenaere/Instagram)

” For Miss France, it should be 100 % natural. In Miss Universe, everything is more : extensions, makeup very strong, he has a lot of aesthetic surgery To become the most beautiful woman in the world, Iris Mittenaere, understood it well, and it was necessary to add more. For this, Miss France has managed to surround himself with competent people, a few months before the beginning of the contest. Arnaud Sol Dourdin and William Deer, two hairdressers and makeup artists officiant usually when Miss France was converted to the personal coach, the time of the election. “to For the past four months, as soon as we had time, we gave him advice. She came prepared and so serene, ready to face this tornado Miss Universe , they explained to the Figaro.

Arnaud Sol Dourdin (left) and William Cerf (right), her two personal trainers during the months of preparation upstream of the contest, were present in Manila (Philippines) at the coronation of Iris. (Photo : Sylvie Tellier/Twitter)

This tornado Miss Universe, the two professionals of the beauty of the familiar. “to Iris has learned to make the show at theamerican, as on a parade of Victorias Secret. It‘has left nothing to chance “, ensures Arnaud Sol Dourdin. A make-up outrageous, false eyelashes, extensions for hair, and a silhouette redesigned through many sessions of sport on the advice of a coach-specific, the young woman has played the game. Without resorting to cosmetic surgery (a common practice in this kind of contest) Iris has nothing neglected his physical, asset, first to win Miss Universe. A job that paid as she received the award for the most beautiful body in the screening.

Because she has focused on the ” French Touch “

Iris Mittenaere wearing a dress of the Moulin-Rouge at the competition last Sunday. (Photo : Erik de Castro/Reuters)

Representative of France to the international Iris Mittenaere has never forgotten to remember where she came from. When Steve Harvey, the presenter of the contest, asked him the dish she loves to cook, the French did not hesitate. “to The beef bourguignon. It is beef cooked very slowly with red wine. You should test, it is really good, it’s great “,, ” she says with admiration. This is not a coincidence : 31 % of the French say that it is their traditional dish, according to a survey of 2016.

From its first steps as Miss France 2016, Iris Mittenaere had confessed to being a passionate about cooking. (Photo : DR)

During the parade of the national costumes of the competition, the new Miss Universe had decided to dress an outfit after a known place in the world. The Miss North was in fact wearing a red dress, while rhinestone and feather, that the dancers of the Moulin-Rouge are used to show in the cabaret in Pigalle, and a value of €14,000.

Because she was able to avoid the pitfalls

The French did a no-fault the face of the questions of Steve Harvey, the presenter of the evening. (Photo : Erik de Castro/Reuters)

as the competition approach, Iris Mittenaere is among the major favorites for the crown. The pretty brunette puts all the elements of his side in bachotant somewhat the news of the moment, knowing that questions of this type he would be asked if she ever reached the final. “to Have open borders may allow us to travel the world and discover a little more about our neighbors , she answers, finally, when asked about the reception of refugees. A good plus point.

Iris Mittenaere surrounded by different candidates to the international competition. (Photo : Romeo Ranoco/Reuters)

behind-the-scenes as the new Miss Universe was not immune to a faux pas. Between Miss the competition is tough, and some are willing to more bad shots to put off the other pretenders. in Le Parisien reveals that a candidate would have stuck a chewing gum on his chair a few hours before the start of the ceremony. Another would have decided to show it in a delicate situation in the filming in the process of enjoying a breakfast. The French also allegedly found his cell phone in another bag as hers. Definitely the course of Iris Mittenaere was fraught with pitfalls. The Lille has been able to apprehend to be able to achieve her biggest dream.


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