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Kim Kardashian : Trained by thugs, “grizzled”, but “not very much” – Pure People

a Few days after the indictment of ten suspects in the case of the steering paris, Kim Kardashian, new details are emerging in the press. After the Sunday Newspaper, which was revealed on January 15, the official statements from the star of 36 years to the French authorities during the time of its deposition, it is the turn of the journal Liberation shed light on the organization of the thugs responsible for the attack.

The newspaper has in fact consulted a summary report dated January 12, a document that traces the investigation which has enabled the authorities to trace the trail of those responsible. “Three months, of investigations or blunders“, ” write our colleagues. As a reminder, the five men were part of the night escapade of 3 October 2016. Two had arrived by car (a Peugeot 508 black), a third had borrowed a night bus and two other accomplices were come to the foot up to the hotel where resided the wife of Kanye West. The first three are also those who had enfourchés bikes at the end of the turning, in order to reach more quickly the car which was parked a few streets away.

We know now, the attackers of the star of reality tv show american are “thugs, grizzled, repeat” but finally, “not very much“. After you have no money here Kim Kardashian of nearly 10 million euros of jewelry, the robbers have left many clues behind them, “with little concern for their anonymity“. On the cctv footage, “they appear with their faces uncovered” to such an extent that each of them was entitled “his portrait remembrance in the folder“. As we knew, one of the jewels of the loot has also been found in the street by a bandwidth, which was immediately brought to the police. Better than that, “five DNA profiles found on the seals, either the adhesive roller, the serflex band or the pair of handcuffs“. Among them is that of the brain alleged the operation, Aomar A. K., 60 years old, said “Omar the Old”.

Mills, phones of war and approach boitillante

Thanks to the DNA found of Aomar A. K. (the authorities think that he is the bank robber that Kim K has described prescription glasses under his ski mask), the investigators managed to slip by the other leaders, assuming in his entourage. It is as well that they have put his hand on his son of 30 years old, a chauffeur VTC, lives in Créteil. “We can not say that the latter took care to hide his car, this Peugeot 508 black parked outside…“, says Liberation. A quick comparison has helped to confuse the son of Omar the Old man by his clothing, a “suits” he was wearing the night of the facts. The driver of the expedition was found.

The mills are accompanied by a “careful analysis of telephony” around “the five laptops of war“, phones that have bordered on the relay of the sector on the night of the heist. The line of Omar the Old man was well connected to “with the other four lines conspiratrices“, which explains why it is considered “coordinator“. His wife of 70 years, Christiane (called “Cathy”), she seemed to take the “the secretariat criminal” taking the “rendez-vous conspiratifs“. Thanks to wiretaps of numerous telephone lines of Omar (to cover their tracks, he has used ten – each dedicated to a different character – in addition to its main), the police have put the hand on a person known files : Didier D., 61 years old, said “Blue Eyes”. This “thief experienced“, already fallen for a similar case, has been identified as the second cyclist, stepped to the side of Omar the Old in the room with Kim Kardashian.

Meeting of people at a parisian café

and Then, it is “during a spinning of Omar the Old in the streets of Paris” that the investigators observed at his side a man, “unique approach“, immediately recognized as the type of ‘ boitillant of video surveillance“. This is Francis D., 55 years old, said, “The Great”, who played the role of “intermediary” by submitting to the group Marceau B., 64 years old, said “The Bulk”. Figure established in the midst of the gypsies, the latter is the one that was supposed to ensure the resale of the spoils thanks to its links with Belgium.

one of The key dates of the survey is 5 December, which marks “a kind of apotheosis” for the Brigade for the repression of banditry (BRB). “chief” invites four of the six members of the “commando” to distribute a “feed on spoils“. Aomar A. K., Didier D., and two other men are sitting in a cafe in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, “under the gaze of police“. On this day, investigators are identifying among the two strangers a man of “large build” that reminds them of an image of video surveillance, “cit to the cyclist, who has not been conspicuous by its agility” in a fall from his bike. When he leaves the café, “his license plate is raised” and leads directly to his identity, Yunice A., 64, known for hold-up. And then the last suspect is identified : it is of Peter B., 72 years old, said “Pierrot”. The dean of the tape, a “nice guy” already fallen for a similar offence.

there is no brain, it is a horizontal structure, with a band of friends

After you have listed all of the suspects thanks to the numerous mills, the BRB is able to go up to a certain Florus H., 44, a manager of bar that is well known to police services. Close to the driver of Kim Kardashian (Gary M., 27 years of age), “it was he who would have gotten the hose as to the place of residence of the star and its use of time“, stresses Liberation. The lawyer Aomar A. K., Jean-Yves Liénard, justified : “This story is primarily that of an information which does not fall in deaf ears. They do not behave like robbers experienced, but as mere robbers, offenders of the opportunity.

After the success of the turning of Kim Kardashian, the thugs had planned a new coup that was to take place in a building, “bourgeois ‘ of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, as revealed by their phone tapping. Missed : on January 9, the authorities of the strike, preventing them from taking further action.

Among the ten persons indicted, only two have agreed to their participation without denouncing their accomplices. It is Yunice A. and Aomar A. K., the alleged brains of the operation. “He admits to having been present the night of the theft, and have put together Kim Kardashian“, gives details of his lawyer. However, Omar Old maintains that there is no “brain in there, it is a horizontal structure, with a band of friends“. On his side, Marceau B. conceded “be made in Belgium to sell gold but denies any link with the robbery“. The others are all walled in silence… For the moment.


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