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The author of the poster of Obama, posters for the anti-Trump – Jactiv (Registration)

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To bring hope and unite Us divided by the election of Donald Trump, Shepard Fairey, and two other artists have designed posters with strong messages. These are available free of charge on the Internet and will be distributed in Washington on Friday during the inauguration of the new president.

eight years ago, during the presidential election campaign of Barack Obama, artist Shepard Fairey had created a poster, which had made the tour of the world. The portrait of the future president in the colors of the flag of the United States with a strong message : “Hope” (Hope French). A poster that represented the hope of change that has united millions of voters. Barack Obama was even appropriate this poster with another text, “Yes we can” (Yes we can).

Two mandates later, it was another poster that Shepard Fairey has created. This Friday, Obama will hand over power to the newly elected president, Donald Trump. A man who divides the country. Since his election, many events are held and others are planned this Friday and in the days to come. To restore hope to the anti-Trump, the Boost Foundation – a foundation of american artists – has launched a poster campaign to the strong symbolic. Three artists are participating in this project : Shepard Fairey, Ernesto Yerena and Jessica Sabogal.

The author of “Hope” has imagined three posters, representing the diversity of America. This time, no president designed, but portraits of strangers. A veiled woman of the american flag with the slogan “Are greater than fear” (Let us be stronger than the fear), a young boy, mixed with the inscription “protect each other” (we Protect each other) and a woman, a flower in her hair with “Defend dignity” (let us Defend the dignity).

On these three posters, the main message registered in the capital : “We the people “, the first words of the preamble to the constitution of the United States. “ This is the sentence unifying on which America was founded, ” tells Jessica Sabogal at USA Today. Ali Geiser, manager of the campaign, which ensures that the same media that ” the slogan “we the people” do not protest against the investiture of Donald Trump. It aims to promote unity in the face of the pressure of the population “.

With these three posters of Shepard Fairey, the other two, made by Ernesto Yerena and Jessica Sabogal, come to complete the series. One represents a Native american raised fist, and the other revealed two people including one wearing a cap with the inscription ” Women are perfect ! “(women are perfect).

These five posters will be distributed this Friday, in various locations in Washington during the swearing-in of Donald Trump. They are also downloadable free of charge on the website of the Boost Foundation. While some will manifest Saturday with caps of pink ears (reference to the many statements sexist Donald Trump during his campaign) when the women Walk, others may express themselves differently, praising the posters full of hope.

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