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Miss Universe: Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016, jalousée by its competitors – The Express

Iris Mittenaere is not in Manila on vacation. The young 24 year old woman, Miss France 2016, has other projects in the capital city of the Philippines. Well, mainly one: to become the next Miss Universe. The final of the international contest of beauty, which brings together 85 competing, takes place in the night from Sunday to Monday. Whereas France has won only once the prestigious crown, in 1953, Iris Mittenaere will she be able to repeat the feat? The hypothesis does not seem to be unthinkable.

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Since the fashion shows of presets that have taken place this week, Miss France the 2016 attracts attention. The point to be included in the favourites of the contest. “We are very optimistic. Every time she is in the top 5,” says Sylvie Tellier, director general of the organization of Miss France, interviewed this Sunday by Le Parisien.

“A Miss Universe, it is war!”

two days ago, Iris Mittenaere, wearing an outfit of a leader review, the Moulin Rouge has made a sensation among observers. “I was able, this evening, to discover my country in the most glamorous, excited the Miss on his account Instagram where she is very active.

Except that this place favorite with inconvenience to the interested main. “A Miss Universe, it is war! The girls talk and the fact that Iris will be among the favourites arouses jealousies,” says Sylvie Tellier. The general director of society Miss France tells the story of a misadventure that has been the victim of its small protected. “Yesterday, he stuck a chewing gum on his chair!”, gag-t-it, always in the columns of the Paris.

in Spite of such meanness, Iris Mittenaere does not lose the smile. On Instagram, the student displays a broad smile.

last year, Flora Coquerel (right on the picture), Miss France 2014, was ranked fourth in the same contest.

Iris Mittenaere, which multiplies the calls for votes on social networks, give it reason to predictions?


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