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Iris Mittenaere, Miss Universe: those who have coached to win – The Figaro

Iris Mittenaere was elected Miss Universe at the end of an evening full of emotion. The young 24 year old woman had dreamed of this contest, for which she is badly prepared for more than four months. Arnaud Sol Dourdin and William Hart, his two coaches, told us of this long work of preparation.

to Participate to Miss Universe was not a walk in the park, quite the contrary. To best represent his country and to have the maximum chance of finishing in a good place, it is necessary to work hard for several months. Iris Mittenaere, as the other Miss France before it, was no exception to the rule. It was taken in hand by Arnaud Sol Dourdin and William Hart, both hair stylists and make up the official Miss France and coaches to prepare for Miss Universe. Hair, makeup, approach at fashion, mental…, nothing is left to chance. “For the past four months, as soon as we had time, we gave him advice. She came prepared and so serene, ready to face this tornado Miss Universe”, they explain.

Because this contest of beauty international cannot be summed up to the evening of the election. The competition starts over two weeks before the big night. Iris came to the Philippines on January 12, only. Because, during this period, all candidates must be able to prepare without the help of anyone, and are observed at all times. The slightest mistake could play on their qualification as finalists. Iris has therefore been coached to learn how to put themselves in beauty “with the american” with false eyelashes and adding hair. “The girls must go out every morning as if they had been wearing, masked and dressed by professionals and yet they are not pros. At the beginning, Iris was two hours to do everything, but the girls must know how to prepare in thirty-five minutes. So she worked on it every morning to reduce this time and get the timing requested,” says Arnaud Sol Dourdin. Miss France 2016 has also reviewed its way of scrolling to have the hipped idea l, and joined the boards of a coach to hone the edges (already spotless!) of his body. The work paid off as she received the award for “best body” during the pre-selection.

“everyone told us that Iris was also beautiful on the inside as outside.”

Arnaud Soil Dourdan, coach Iris Mittenaere

The other advantage to hope to be elected is to appeal to the organization of Miss Universe. “You have to be friendly with the teams, smiling in all circumstances, and even a little actress, while remaining natural. When the girls are in a group, it is necessary to know to stand out. Iris has been pleased with its freshness, its elegance and its simplicity. Everyone told us that she was also beautiful on the inside as on the outside,” continues the coach. Yet, in the face of 85 girls, all beautiful, is never easy and requires a morale of steel. All the more that young women are not gifts. Iris would have had a chewing gum stuck on his seat, probably put there by one of its competitors… course, when the fight is fierce between the candidates, the moral is sometimes lacking.

Iris has had small bumps of soft. The entire team of the organization Miss France, but also his mom and her boyfriend, Mathieu, are then relayed to give him back his confidence. “The psychological side is very important, Miss Universe, it is a race to the bottom, it must be taken on the duration. It reboostait to turn her, saying that she could do, she has a natural beauty, which is rare in the competition, as three-quarters of the girls are retouched,” says William Hart. In the days leading up to the election, the French was clearly one of the favorites. She is so driven on the topical questions, which are asked only of the six finalists. Economy, international relations, politics, everything is past. “We did well because we addressed all the topics on which she was questioned. This year, the questions were much more difficult than in other years,” he continued.

Arnaud Sol Dourdin and William Deer are obviously on cloud nine since the victory of their protégé. “This is the reward of years of effort. Last year, Flora Coquerel has won the place of 3rd runner up. But we should acknowledge the motivation and the unwavering determination of the Iris. You can do all the preparation in the world, the secret is that you have to want to keep the shock throughout the competition,” they concluded.

Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016, elected as Miss Universe 2016 photo Credits : Miss Universe Organization


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