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Comic book : the Swiss Cosey received the Grand Prize of Angoulême – The World

Author of a work is bold and original, the designer waldensians, aged 66, was distinguished at the international Festival of comics at Angoulême, on Wednesday.

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His hero is amnesiac, which is not the case of his readers. Cosey (real name Bernard Cosendai) is now, Wednesday, 25 January, the new Grand Prix of the city of Angoulême, following the election organized upstream of the international Festival of the comic strip (26-29 January) among industry professionals (designers, writers, colorists). Aged 66, he is the author of a work is bold and original, marked by the intimacy of the stories he tells from the creation of his character’s fetish, Jonathan, in the mid-1970s.

Second in Switzerland to be named the Grand Prize after Pta (2004), he succeeded Hermann, with which it has in common to share the same publisher, the Lombard. All the contrary, for the rest, the universe bitter and pessimistic of the belgian cartoonist, that is being celebrated this year at the edge of the Charente river. Albums by Cosey melancholic, contemplative, humanistic, and sometimes even meditative. The “adventures” that he proposes to take place as much in the middle of landscapes immaculate – to the borders of Tibet (which he knows well to be gone several times), or Large North american – as in the psyche of characters to the sensitivity heckled.

The comic franco-belgian should Cosey a small revolution when, in 1975, appears in the weekly Tintin a story is not originally intended to become a series, Remember, Jonathan. His hero is a young man who has lost his memory, who fled the clinic where he is locked up to reach the Himalayas, in the hope of finding traces of its past. Massaged with tenderness and simplicity, of the many encounters with the inhabitants of the high tibetan plateau will his stay, told in the manner of a domestic trip.

Such a fiction was not usual for young comic book readers of the time. the ” they had the choice between the heroes, “classic”, which appeared in Tintin or Spirou, and the anti-hero, as was found in Pilot, remembers Cosey. the I never felt comfortable in any category, an anti-hero is also stereotyped as a hero, in my eyes. I wanted to create a character that is close to what everyone feels at the bottom of oneself. “

The designers will borrow the name Jonathan the best-selling american novelist Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingstone seagull (1970). It’s going to be, also, one of the first COMIC strip writers to offer musical selections to listen to during the reading of his albums (Pink Floyd and Mike Oldfield for the first installment). It will, finally, allow a staged free of all formal constraint, with drawings spilling out of boxes, boxes that are exempt of the “waffle irons on baking” of the BD franco-belgian, and a design of the narrative is drawn close to the fretboard.

This daring, Cosey is due in large part to Derib, the creator of Yakari and Buddy Longway. He spent seven years in the studio of his master. It is with him that he “will rise” to Paris and Brussels in order to place Jonathan in a newspaper. the ” All of them have denied. Except Tintin, the only one where I didn’t want it to be published to start with, as it was the journal of Derib. Saw that my style was then thesub-Derib I was afraid of suffering from the comparison “, ” he remembers. The audience will give an enthusiastic welcome to Jonathan, who, one shot, will become one of the series major of the comic strip of the 1970s to the 1990s.

one of The first to develop the graphic novel

But Cosey will get tired of it, and especially want to experiment with other formats, like the graphic novel, it is one of the first to develop in Europe, with in search of Peter Pan, a diptych is located in Switzerland. After many albums, impregnated with the same ethereal ambiences and this fake rate assumed, which favours introspection to pure action : The Trip to Italy, Saigon-Hanoi, Zeke tells stories, The Buddha Riviera… As many albums close to the trip planner, that will not prevent Cosey to return regularly to Jonathan, sometimes after long interruptions (eleven years between volumes 11 and 12).

His last ” step aside “, in 2016, to say the least, surprised his readers : Cosey was involved in the project of Glénat to revisit the characters of Disney, with an album called A mysterious melody, in which he recounts the very first meeting (of love) between Mickey and Minnie. His next project, the designer waldensians does, however, say nothing, otherwise he will be totally in black and white : first, to the master of the colors.


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