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The singer of Lambada, found dead charred – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Loalwa Braz Vieira, the interpreter of the brazilian group’s French-brazilian band kaoma, famous for his dancing throughout the planet in 1989, died Thursday at the age of 63 years. She has been the victim of a burglary gone awry, organized by the concierge of the small inn that she was holding.

the body of the brazilian singer Loalwa Braz Vieira, interpreter’s tube world Lambada, was found charred in his car, in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, to Saquerema, a seaside city of the Rio de Janeiro area. She has been the victim of a burglary organized by the concierge of the small inn for tourists as it was, about 100 kilometers from Rio.

a Few hours after the discovery of the corpse, the carcass burned out of his car, the police announced the arrest of three men from 18 to 23 years, presented as the authors of the murder. Among them, Wallace de Paula Vieira, a 23-year-old, the keeper of his inn, heard initially as a witness before be confused by its approximations and pass to the confession. The other two men were subsequently arrested, in possession of the bank card and the mobile phone of the victim.

According to police, the three men would have taken advantage of the absence of the guests in the hotel that night to sneak into the building and steal. In the Face of these visitors, Loalwa Braz Vieira would have tried to resist before being beaten and being carried away in his own car, fainted. This leak would have lasted barely a kilometre away, before the car crashes. It is then that the thieves would have decided to put out the fire, leaving their victim to die charred.

Loalwa Braz Vieira had agreed to a meteoric international fame in 1989 performing with the group French-brazilian band kaoma song Chorando se faith (“He left crying”, editor’s NOTE), more known under the name of Lambada. The lambada is in fact a genre of music tropical merging carimbo, merengue, salsa and zouk, which Loalwa Braz Vieira was the icon of brazilian in the 1980s.

This hit tropical was accompanied by a video clip of the exotic and sensual featuring a couple of métis brazilian dancing on the beach in style chaloupé and very stuck-tight, which greatly contributed to its global success. The tube has sold 15 million copies in more than 100 countries and has won over 80 gold and platinum, as well as hundreds of awards across the world, according to the official page of Loalwa Braz.

In France, where Loalwa Braz had lived for several years from 1985, after his success during a concert at the Palais des Sports in Paris, Lambada had sold 700,000 copies. It was imposed as the summer hit and was included in a famous advertising of the brand Orangina. The song remained ranked in the top 50 in France during 27 weeks, including 12 weeks at number 1. She entered the closed circle of songs the most sold of all time, with 1.735.000 copies of this single. A film named Lambada, and another, The Forbidden Dance is Lambada will also participate in the phenomenon. French-brazilian band kaoma will experience more success with titles such as Dançando Lambada and Tago Mago. And then the singer will continue a solo career with the album Recomeçar in 2003.

Lambada by French-brazilian band kaoma in 1989

The Clip Orangina on LLambada


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