Monday, January 16, 2017

12 coups de midi : Christian pulls his reverence, Claire abandons before his return, Christel became a master of midi –

This Sunday, January 15, 12 coups de midi have allowed fans to discover the delivery of the check of 809 392 euros to Christian, winner of the game eliminated the day before by Claire.

The law student, who won this new game, and won by the same occasion a “master stroke” to 10 000 euros, however, admit that she could not continue the adventure. With reviews, it has been asked to abandon the adventure before 4.59 million viewers, representing 33.3% of public in front of its small screen between 11.55 am and 12.45 pm.

12 o’clock attracted 100 000 followers of more than the day before, but have seen their audience share fall by 3.3 points.

As to the rule, in the case of abandonment, the challenger during the “fatal blow” takes over. Christel was therefore sacred ” master midi “. However, Jean-Luc Reichmann has taken to offer the opportunity for Claire to come back to try his luck at the end of his exams.

Christel will do anything to eliminate his opponents this Monday, January 16, at lunch time on TF1.


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