Saturday, January 21, 2017

Crazy Amanda : before Michèle Bernier, there has been a… – Tv

Here are 50 years of age appeared on the screens, in The theatre this evening. Three shots, a red curtain which deviates on a setting and actors who enter the scene in the living room of the viewers. The theatre reserved for a handful of privileged city dwellers and the wealthy, was available to all.

>>> TF1 revived At the Theatre this evening with Michèle Bernier

To celebrate this anniversary, the French channel TF1, who is holder of the rights ofin The theatre this evening, proposes to broadcast live from the theatre of Paris, Crazy Amanda, a classic of the boulevard performed by Michèle Bernier, Arielle Dombasle, Pierre Cassignard…The actors have rehearsed for several weeks for only a handful of performances, as they play the part since the 13th of January and will last, this Sunday, 22.

>>> Michèle Bernier always snob me by the Enfoirés : “there is someone, perhaps, who do not love me” (VIDEO)

The story is that of a former singer of music-hall, Amanda (Michèle Bernier), which lives from day to day while remaining optimistic. Short of money, she wants to publish his memoirs. But her ex-husband Philippe (Patrick Braoudé), minister, wants to dissuade…

Crazy Amanda has been broadcast for the first time on December 4, 1974 on the second channel of the ORTF puis Tuesday, may 27, 1987 on TF1, Sunday June 4, 2006 and Sunday, may 20, 2007 on France 3.

In 1973, it is the vast Jacqueline Mailhan which embodied this Crazy Amanda. Seven years later,, Line renaud took over in a new version performed and recorded in 1981. Big pressure for Michèle Bernier, which is the successor to these two great actresses…


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