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The actress Emmanuelle Riva disappears at age 89 – Franceinfo


Noted for her talent

Born into a modest family in the Vosges, in 1927, to a father of Italian origin, Emmanuelle Riva feels very early on a vocation as an actress, and joined an amateur troupe of the city of Remiremont near to Epinal. Against the wishes of the family, it is received by the contest comedy of the school in the rue Blanche in Paris, and settled in the capital in 1953. Too old to enter the Conservatory of dramatic art, his talent is noticed and she got her first role on the stage in “The Hero and the soldier” by George Bernard Shaw.
Spotted by Alain Resnais who sees her on stage in “The Scarecrow” by Dominique Rolin, the filmmaker turns it around in his first feature film, “Hiroshima my love”. Eluding the narrative codes in force, the film knows an international impact in 1959 and propels Emmanuelle Riva on the front of the world stage.

“Hiroshima my love” : the trailer

In 1961, she is the lead performer of the “Kapo” of the Italian Gillo Pontecorvo, and then in the same year gives a reply to Jean-Paul Belmondo in Léon Morin, priest Jean-Pierre Melville, after the novel by Béatrix Beck.

Emmanuelle wins its first international award the following year, in 1962, at the Venice film Festival, for her performance in the title role of the film of Georges Franju’s “Thérèse Desqueyroux”, adapted from the eponymous novel by François Mauriac, where it gives the replica, Philippe Noiret and Sami Frey. Georges Franju will still use it in 1965 in “Thomas the imposter” on a scenario by Jean Cocteau.

Report : D. Wolfromm / V. Christopher :

second career

The actress then leaves the screens, preferring the stage by putting it at the service of great directors, such as Jacques Lasalle, Roger Planchon or Claude Régy.

we must wait 80 years to see it again at the cinema, with filmmakers demanding, such as Marco Bellochio (“The Eyes, the mouth, 1982), Philippe Garrel (“Freedom night “, 1983), and Krzysztof Kieslowski “Three colours : blue” (1993), where she plays the mother of Juliette Binoche.

She then returned to the front of the stage in 2012 in “Amour” by Michael Haneke, at the side of Jean-Louis Trintignant. She was then 85 years old and is the doyenne of French actresses. The film won the Palme d’or at Cannes, the César for the best film, the César for best female performer, the Oscar for the best foreign film, the Award for best actress european, the BAFTA (Caesar in britain) for best actress and was named to the Oscar. Her portrayal of a woman in his mid-eighties a victim of two strokes, which is dedicated to her husband played by Jean-Louis Trintignant, affects the whole world, the public, as well as the criticism.

in Addition to his genius with the scene, as the screen, Emmanuelle Riva published three collections of poems, “Just behind the whistle of the train” (1969, reissued 1976), “Fire mirror” (1975) and “The Hostage of desire” (1982). The photos she took of the city during the filming of”Hiroshima my love” also illustrate the collective book “You saw nothing in Hiroshima.”

Until the end

Emmanuelle Riva had also shot enough in a recent film, “Paris barefoot” Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon, due out in march on the screens. She had also participated in an icelandic film which is not released yet.

“Until the end, she has been active”, told AFP his agent, Anne Alvares Correa. Last fall, the actress had given a reading at the Villa Medici in Rome, she recalled.

“Paris barefoot” : the trailer

“Emmanuelle Riva has deeply marked the French cinema, with 'Hiroshima my love' (…) to invoke a memory or injured, with 'Love' (…) to evoke the end of life,” responded the president, François Hollande, in a press release.

“free Women, and discreet, Emmanuelle Riva was incarnate in a particular way, all the faces of love, throughout a life dedicated to the greatest authors”, stressed to his side the minister of Culture, Audrey Azoulay, in a press release.

“an Actress of elegance and fragility, in cinema as in theater, she played with passion and requirement more recently in 'Savannah Bay “de Marguerite Duras” in a stage production of Didier Bezace (2014), pointed out the minister.

harmonious Face, slender figure, Emmanuelle Riva captivated by his voice and his diction. It was “a woman’s deeply moving, an artist to the requirement rare. It is a voice of unforgettable will. A voice inhabited by the love of words and poetry”, stressed Frédérique Bredin, president of the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC).

In “Hiroshima my love” (1959) where she played a French actress fallen in love with a japanese architect after the Second world war, “his voice seized of the text of Marguerite Duras,” says the AFP Gilles Jacob, former president of the Cannes film Festival. “It was a unique thing, as a kind of cantata “religious”.


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