Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Roman Polanski, president of the 42nd ceremony of the César – Télé

The Académie des César has chosen the director of the franco-Polish to preside over the 42nd ceremony of Caesar. A decision that does not pass at all, because of his past legal.

The news could well make waves. This Wednesday, the Académie des César has announced that film director Roman Polanski will be the president of the 42nd ceremony of Caesar, which will be released on next February 24 in the clear on Canal+. In a press release, the Academy justifies its choice : ” Artist, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter, actor, director, there are many words to define Roman Polanski, but only to express our admiration and delight: thank you, Mr. President.”

Palme d’or in 2002 and winning in 2003 for The Pianist, Roman Polanski is no stranger to the Caesar since it has been awarded several times, including Tess (best film) and Venus in fur (best director).

But his police record is already gnashing of teeth on Twitter, where users were surprised that a man, still pursued in the United States for a rape case on a minor, is placed on the front of the stage. In this case dating from 1977, the supreme Court of Poland has permanently brought to an end in December last, to the procedure of extradition to the United States for the filmmaker.

One can imagine that Jérôme Commandeur, who will present the ceremony, will refrain from any joke on the subject, unlike his comrade, Laurent Lafitte, who had gone there for a joke-heavy under-heard during the opening ceremony of the 69th Cannes film Festival (also produced by Canal+), 12 may.

Roman Polanski is currently a new film adaptation of the book based on a true story, of Delphine de Vigan.

Regarding the competition itself, it will have to wait until January 25 for the list of films selected by the Academy of Caesar.


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