Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cyrille Eldin meets Yann Barthes: “I like to say things in the face” – The Express

Cyrille Eldin had promised to respond to in its issue of Wednesday. This has been done. Facing the camera, the leader of the Diary is directly sent to his former colleague at Canal+. He denounced the words of Yann Barthes who spoke Monday evening a “sucks, misogynistic, a bit violent and rude”. Without ever naming it.

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Cyrille Eldin was surprised that the moderator of TMC criticise his methods when he himself has benefited from when he worked for Canal+: “I am surprised because we have worked together for four years and that you even wanted to continue the adventure with me.”

“You have long counted on me, my guts, my taste for the word to access the policy (…) but it don’t bother not at the time when I was working for you,” he added.

Regarding the altercation, Cyrille Eldin launched to Yann Barthes that he did not know the terrain, not having “ever seen in an election-night event in eight years.” “The competition between reporters, the nudges between journalists in order to provide the best image, are commonplace [...] either with policies or with you my dear Yann I like to say things in the face,” he concludes.

This sharp tension between the two hosts is due to the confrontation between Camille Crosnier, a journalist for the Daily and Cyrille Eldin Sunday evening at the HQ of Benoit Hamon. Disputing the words of the policy came first to the primary of the left, Crosnier and Eldin had played the elbows so that the candidate responds to their questions.

elbow “violent

and Then they had finally settled their dispute in the street, the leader of the Diary threatening his sister putting on an elbow, “violent” the next time she tries to steal a policy.

journalists had subsequently disclosed to The Express that Cyrille Eldin was accustomed to shoving, not hesitating to interrupt the interviews of his colleagues and putting themselves willingly in the field of cameras competing.


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