Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nintendo up really the veil on its new console Switch – The Parisian

Console video game semi-fixed, semi-portable, the Nintendo Switch will be actually shown to the press on Friday in Tokyo, after having been briefly presented in the video a few weeks ago.
This device hybrid will be marketed at the current 2017 and will take over from the Wii U released at the end of 2012, and whose success has been very mixed.
The Switch is all the more expected that the first reactions after the video of the presentation, to be broadcast in October, were very divided, with fans of the brand, enthusiasts, and professionals from finance or industry analysts are more sceptical.
The price of the Switch will be a key element and could be a hindrance to the sales of it exceeded th e 25,000 yen in Japan (or more than 200-250 euros in Europe and 200-250 dollars in the United States), have assigned brokers in both the Nikkei as the agency Bloomberg.
The name Switch reflects the fact that this home console to be able to be carried away to the outside once out of its socket. This portion screen detachable includes on the two sides of the levers detachable.
With a concept of “hybrid” of this nature, Nintendo does not compete directly with Sony with its PlayStation 4, a machine of living to be very powerful and offering multiple multimedia functions, but is installed between the aforementioned PS4 and the game on a smartphone.
in Addition to the details of the technical specifications, the price and the launch date which will be announced, the direction of Nintendo will surely be questioned in the course of the press conference on Friday on his strategy to the online games, seen as a crucial element in the success of the console.
The list of development studios, cities portends a repository rather attractive a priori.
The presentation posted on the internet has already made it possible to see some images from the sagas must-haves for Nintendo: “The Legend of Zelda”, “Super Mario”, “Mario Kart” and “Splatoon”.
This console should in any case be a success for Nintendo, who had suffered for years from the competition of smartphones and whose revenue has been divided by four since the finest vintages of the firm’s centenary of Kyoto in the year 2008/2009.


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