Sunday, January 15, 2017

On TF1, Christian has received his cheque of 809 392 euros – The Dauphiné Libéré

After 193 entries, Christian left Saturday noon the show of TF1 “The Twelve strokes of midday”. He now holds a record : that of the greatest longevity in the history of game shows in France.

The man in his fifties, who was of the RSA prior to its participation in the program, leaves with a true pactolus, earned since the month of July : 809 392 euros !

The brilliant candidate from the Ain is back this Sunday on the set of Jean-Luc Reichmann to receive his huge check.

This amount is the total value of his winnings, 209 392 euros of gifts won by Christian in seven showcases discoveries (seven televisions or seven cars, while he has not the licence) and 600 000 euros of prize actual earned at the time of the master. 600 000 euros, so it is also the gains won by the viewers due to the candidate.

However, Christian will have to wait a little to touch his due : the production is committed to pay him his fortune in three months from the date of circulation of the whole of its course on television.

Reichmann has sold the wick, TF1 is angry

It was a secret under the embargo and all the redactions in the confidence that they had met : on Thursday, during a press screening of the last issue of Christian, the media learned in “off” defeat the champion. But shhh ! He had to keep silence up to the airing of the episode, on Saturday, at least out of respect for the viewer.

Jean-Luc Reichmann, in front of the audience of journalists, had even launched, with a wide smile : “of Course, you are asked not to leak the departure of Christian before Saturday noon.”

Except that, in the night from Friday to Saturday, it is the presenter himself, who has sold the wick via a post on his wall on Facebook.

The chain would be very upset, and at the highest level. On the side of the producer, Endemol, said “aghast”. Will there be sanctions taken against the moderator ? Or at least explanations to explain this breach of the embargo on its own ? Case to follow…


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