Saturday, January 14, 2017

[Excluded] 12 coups de midi : the first reaction of a Christian after his elimination – Télé Star

Christian Quesada is eliminated from the 12 o’clock after almost 7 months of antenna. you book his first reaction after his defeat.

Since July 4, 2016 Christian Quesada, candidate, emeritus of 12 o’clock was present. Not months of 576 candidates have to face him and tried desperately to dethrone him, in vain. Until Saturday 14 January 2017 where everything shifts. It took nearly 7 months to account for the “professor” as liked to be called Jean-Luc Reichmann falls on stronger than him and bows. However, the victory was beautiful, a true fairy tale. He left with in your pocket a fortune 809 392 euros, a tidy sum for this father of a family who only had a few euros in your pocket at the beginning of the game.

Tv Star : Necessarily a little disappointed by this defeat, so close to the million ?

Christian : The disappointment is mild because I have always advocated a maxim that is very simple : when you make a game you need to know win with style and lose with dignity and I think that is what I did. I was always told to be the first to congratulate the person who would make me fall. This is what I have done spontaneously. The secret of my longevity is I want to be prepared. When you are a competitor, you are expected to lose. And then I started the 4th of July, 193 noon I was at the table of the people it is huge. Actually, the million-was the only goal I had in mind. I had more large-thing to be won, I had beaten all records for the game. I told myself this goal there to create the end but honestly I don’t have a disappointment special. I won a gigantic sum of money, I have gained exposure in the media is phenomenal. One speaks to me everywhere, everywhere… Actually this million mark is not reached, but it is an anecdote. In two-three months, I’m going to remember that my journey and what I’ve done simply.

do you Have a time thought to stop yourself ?

C : I will be removed from me-even if I had reached the million. Admittedly, I am a competitor, but withdraw in the name of what, this is not me who makes the rules of the game ! If I withdraw from spontaneously leaving the place to others, it would mean that I don’t respect my opponents, that would mean wait, for you to be champion it would be necessary that I go, which is a lack of humility is absolutely gigantic. I have always respected my playing partners, I always insisted to Jean-Luc that this were not my enemies but my partners.

How have you experienced this sudden notoriety ?

C : Honestly, I’ve lived well because I have 52 years old. I think that if I had known the same adventure 25 years ago, I would have flipped out, because the media coverage is absolutely gigantic. I am recognized in the street by people of all ages, all styles, all origins, of all social conditions, and it is here that we can see that this game has a lot of impact.

What will you do with all your gifts ?

C : I have spoilt my children at Christmas. For the time being, I’ll remain a renter, I just recovered the house that I shared with my wife in the Ain, I signed the lease on 29 December 2016. With all the gifts high-tech that I’ve won, I’ll be able to furnish my house from A to Z.

And 7 cars ?

C : For the moment, I don’t have a permit. To pass the exam I have to do an operation to the eyes. I think keeping the volkswagen beetle convertible. I gave a car to my ex-wife and others, I expect to receive it because it is very long. To give you a calendar, the first car that I won in July 2016, I received it on the 12th of January 2017 !

If we exclude the 7 cars and 7 windows, how much cash have you won, really ?

C : The gains represent 600 000 euros in cash and 209 392 euros in gifts.

Jean-Luc Reichmann suggested a joint project, can you tell us more ?

C : there will certainly be a partnership with Jean-Luc, and then certainly other proposals which I do not suspect the existence that I will. Of course, I’d like to work with Jean-Luc on a tv show, but for the moment nothing concrete, it may be in comedy, in the game…

You are not going to let you wear in life ?

C : Actually, I could never work with the amount of money that I have if I place it correctly, there are what take. But no, I want to continue in the things that fascinate me. I have 52 years but I’m in great shape. I dream of creating my own recording studio for young rock bands in the region to allow them to have the equipment of a pro.

You have also met the love during these last few months, how is named the lucky lady ?

C : My love life is very satisfying. And then honestly I don’t think it looks great world ! If I asked you the first name of your companion and that you don’t want to tell me, I’m not going to insist ! Point final !

A small message Clear that you was dethroned ?

C : I wish him the best, it is an excellent candidate, you will see how far it will go, I will not reveal anything!!!


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