Monday, January 30, 2017

Sylvie Tellier : “The natural Iris has been rewarded !” – Paris Match

Iris Mittenaere resulted in her being crowned Miss Universe on January 30, in Manila, Philippines. She becomes the second Miss France to gain access to the coveted title. Sylvie Tellier, director general of the organization Miss France gives us his first impressions.

She was given great favorite of the competition. A 24-year-old, Iris Mittenaere is the successor to the Philippine Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. A rite full of emotion at the end of a competition marathon. Chosen as one of 86 young women, the French became the most beautiful woman in the world. A title that was not returned to France since 1953. A native of Lille, the student of dental surgery has been able to count on the support of his mother and her boyfriend who had made the trip up to Manila. Present at his side since the beginning of the adventure, Sylvie Tellier could not hide his emotion and his pride.

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Paris Match. What was your reaction when Iris has been elected ?
Sylvie Tellier. I cried the first few seconds, and then I started to scream out of joy ! It is an immense happiness, the achievement of an intense work for several months ! Until the last hours before the election, we were still in the process of working with Iris on her questions, the themes that were to be addressed, the physical preparation. We have almost not slept to be ready on the day.

How Iris has she responded ?
I found it very peaceful, very zen. We believed so much in his victory that we already saw the winner. She was relaxed during the entire competition. His mom on the other hand was in shock. She wouldn’t stop crying of joy…

agencies bookie had a bet on it…
Yes, she was a favorite everywhere ! For the past 12 years, I hope every year that our Miss won the contest. Unlike many of the participants, the Iris is 100% natural. She has never had plastic surgery. This coronation is a nice contrast to all the people who criticize the contest, or who say that Iris is too superficial. It is a bosseuse who has worked his or her body by doing a lot of sport, by not depriving them of anything. Iris is an epicurean, he is out of the question for her to miss a meal or miss a slice of pizza. It is authentic.

How was the cohabitation with the other Miss ?
She has made several friends, particularly those who spoke French as Miss Haiti. They are all thrown on it to congratulate her when she won. But as in many contests of beauty, there is sometimes a little more difficult between the girls. Some are ready for anything ! Iris was made to steal his mobile phone, a chewing gum was stuck on his chair for ruining her dress… The goal was to destabilize. But it didn’t work !

What is the program now ?
She will fly to New York, where she will have at her disposal an apartment on the chic 5th Avenue. There, many meetings and media are planned. From our side we will arrange its return in France in about one month. At present, it is under contract with Miss Universe. His career takes on another dimension. It is a star !

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