Monday, January 23, 2017

The Clash between “The Small Newspaper” and “Daily life” in HQ Benoît Hamon – The Point

The competition between broadcasters Canal+ and TF1 did not play at the level of hearings and the mercato of the facilitators, but also on the ground. If the program Daily of Yann Barthes, ex-Canal+ and Le Petit Journal, proved a massive hit on TMC and attracts over a million viewers every day on the chain of free DTT channels to TF1, Le Petit Journal version Cyrille Eldin barely get off the ground… But from there to think that the broadcasts come to duke it out verbally.

yet, This is what happened on Sunday night. While Benoît Hamon came out the big winner of the first round of the primary, a horde of reporters waiting at his HEADQUARTERS, on a houseboat on the Seine. Among them, the team of the Diary Canal+, led by Cyrille Eldin and the issuance Daily of TMC (TF1 group). After interviewing Benoît Hamon on Manuel Valls, Cyrille Eldin the stimulus on Nicolas Sarkozy. But, at this time, a journalist of the Daily cutting the floor to the facilitator of Canal+ and will submit his / her own question to the winning candidate : “what is your programme for this evening, Mr. Hamon ? What is your program ? “

Cyrille Eldin is angry : “then Why are you talking about for my issues ? “The journalist retorted :” then You do the same thing to me ! ” and is then centred his question. Cyrille Eldin has not appreciated this attitude. For evidence, in a video released on Twitter by a photographer, one sees close to the altercation with the entire team of Daily. It even threatens the journalist in launching : “The next time, it is an elbow, violent ! “

Barthes responds

The latter defends himself : “Thou hast done the same thing with Fillon, then, it goes ! “Finally, when the animator’s Diary realizes that he is being filmed, he draws his bow. Monday night on TMC, Yann Barthes has rapidly swept across the controversy in his show, Daily. The facilitator does not mention the name of the person who presents today his old show, but it did not, however, able to help tackle. It tells the story of the evening at the origin of the scandal, speaking to the journalist Camille Crosnier : “You were at the number one. And apart from falling onto a colleague a few sucks, completely sucks, misogynistic, a little violent and evil polite, everything went well ? ” asks Yann Barthes. “I worked, it was the evening of the champion, Benoît Hamon. It was a bit of hysteria, ” replied the journalist. The hatchet is far from buried.


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