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Cosey, Grand Prix d’angoulême: I no longer believed – The Figaro

Wednesday, 25 January, the famous cartoonist of switzerland Jonathan has been spent by its peers for the future presidency of the festival dedicated to the comic strip, during the inauguration of its 44th edition. He succeeds the Belgian Hermann.

“The next president will be Cosey”, said the rumor in the bubbles angoumoisines in recent years. Today it is thing made. The comic Festival of Angoulême has awarded its Grand Prize, this Wednesday, January 25, Cosey, whose real name is Bernard Cosendai. He succeeds the belgian cartoonist Hermann.

“I thought not. Or more. I thought these last two or three years because everyone told me 'it is you who will get the prize’. This year, I had given up on the idea that it would be me. Especially as I was very well accompanied. Manu Larcenet and Chris Ware are of large size, that I really admire. In fact, I already felt very honoured to appear in the list of three finalists at their sides. I’m a fan of Chris Ware, well before it is translated into French. About Larcenet, I have followed his extraordinary evolution,” said the Figaro, the future president, moved. Before adding not a little proud of: “Their time will come, as so many others who deserve it just as much, but today it was me!”

Angoulême was sacred, this year, an author. Many are those who have been marked and influenced by his work, as Étienne Davodeau or Manu Larcenet. Born in Lausanne, it is in the middle of the swiss Alps that Cosey acquires the taste of the great outdoors and snowy, the american literature and the comics. Author mystical, globe-trotter 66-year-old, who learned his craft under the tutelage of Derib (Yakari, Buddy Longway…), has made travel more of a player with his saga worship Jonathan, published in The Journal of Tintin in 1975.

It will be award at Angoulême in 1982, for Kate, the seventh album in the series. In 2013, appears to be that which was, the 16th-pane of the adventures of Jonathan. A very beautiful love story set in India, a country dominated by a spirituality strong, that we year learn a bit more about the story of the hero with amnesia.

The success of Jonathan allows him to open other doors. Thus, his talent for the graphical representation of the blank, and the writing of the non-said, explodes in In search of Peter Pan, published in the “Lombard” in 1985. Cosey asserts itself as one of the great precursors of a genre that today is inescapable: the graphic novel. Title, which will be followed by Travel in Italy, Saigon-Hanoi and The Buddha of’azur, in particular, the editions Dupuis in the collection Aire libre.

The humanistic dimension of his work completed to make an author unique. The love of the great outdoors, psychology thrust of the characters, cut-outs, original boards characterize his work melancholy. This lover of Asia and its philosophy encourages the spiritual quest and the discovery of the other.

Recently, a great admirer of the character of Mickey Mouse, has realized a dream: to write and draw an adventure for the famous mouse of Disney. In a tribute that is both personal and respectful, he tells us in 2016 the encounter between Mickey and Minnie with A mysterious melody, tender history at the quaint charm of early Mickey mouse, published last march 2 at Glénat.

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