Thursday, January 19, 2017

Audiences radio : Europe 1 in the abyss, France Inter at the top – Télé

Always in free fall, the audiences of Europe 1 come to establish a new record negative. According to the results disclosed this on Thursday morning by Médiamétrie, for the last two months of 2016, the station is now on par with CGR, while France Inter supersedes NRJ. The radio media, meanwhile, has never been so little listened to on the period.

force, the term “historical” seems to be overused, and the words “threshold” and “floor” seem to be worn out. Once again, however, the hearing of the Europe 1 reached a level of weakness unprecedented : in November-December, it achieved an 8.1 % of cumulative audience (1). 0.9 point lower than a year ago, and a loss of approximately 480 000 people (2). In a universe where the increases and decreases of 0.1 % raise cries of victory and gnashing of teeth, the results of hearing of the station, Denis Olivennes, and Richard Lenormand (respectively CEO and general manager), follow and resemble each other, catastrophic. Although the two men would seek to console themselves by noting that at least the auditors have ceased to escape (his score remained stable compared to the back, the worst that it has ever known since the study of hearing so-called “126 000″ exists), they know already that much may not save the season.

CTMR on the point of doubling Europe 1

most Likely driven by the u.s. presidential election and the primary for the right, France Info takes the opportunity to get in front. The station-info spades to Europe the fourth place of the ranking, which was not happened since the spring presidential of 2012. Passing of 8.4 to 8.9 %, a score not seen since 5 years old, she is up half a point. At least can we see that the competition to its sister television channel does not cause any harm.

CTMR also would have been able to afford the luxury of doubling Europe 1. But 8.1 % of cumulative audience, it is “only” equal game, passing a hair from the side of the exploit of which she dreams for years ; despite a number of audit record (over 4.3 million), it would be 1000 less than its rival ! Infuriating ! In all cases, its director since 2000, artisan for the only real success story radio in the last fifteen years — the leaves with honors. On February 1st, Frank Lanoux will be installed at the side of Alain Weill, to the post of deputy director general of SFR-Media. Cecilia Raguenau, former director-general of iTélé, is expected to soon be officially named as his successor.

Champagne for Radio France

the head of The ranking, as it is, does not change with respect to the new hierarchy established in September-October. 12.7 % of cumulative audience, RTL trace its route in figurehead of the market, with a remarkable increase of 0.7 point. In his turn, France Inter is a leap of the same magnitude. But, stopping the cursor at 11.2 %, it is part of history — that of the “126 000″ in any case. Never, since 2002, Inter had gathered as much of the faithful around of its programs : the best use of this period of November-December (2002, 2003, 2011, and 2012), its audience share was 10.8 %! For the second time in a row, it overrides so NRJ (to 10.7 %, down 1.2 points), and confirms that it is the second radio, the most listened in the country. For once, it is his entire season that will soon be history…

France Culture — certainly much lower in the rankings — may well find the same satisfactions : 2.3 % cumulative audience, she succeeds to it also a record on the period. What increase like never before the consumption of champagne at Radio France… provided that you do not look at the global audience of the radio: 80.8%, it has never been so little heard in November and December.


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