Sunday, January 15, 2017

Florent Pagny threatened with a gun by fake police officers – Paris Match

Florent Pagny was stealing his Porsche under the threat of a weapon by fake police officers.

Florent Pagny is fortunately unharmed, but the incident was certainly traumatic. The singer has been attacked by thieves ‘ car during the night from Saturday to Sunday at Montfort-L’amaury in the Yvelines department. According to "Le Parisien" revealed the information, the thugs that are pretending to be police officers.

The interpreter’s "how to love" flowed not far from his home, according to the newspaper, when a vehicle behind him had triggered a flashing blue. Aboard the white car, two men who have come out to meet him, as would the forces of law and order.

It was then that these two fake police and the real robbers have threatened the singer with a gun. They have stolen his eyes, his Porsche 911 turbo. What are the gendarmes of the brigade of research of Rambouillet who have been in charge of the investigation. This Sunday, the official accounts of Florent Pagny on Facebook and Twitter did not mention the incident, and the representatives of the singer had not confirmed the information.

Florent Pagny, huge car enthusiast, has a nice collection of cars – including Porsche. At a sale held at the Palais des Congrès de Paris in 2005, the singer of "My freedom of thinking" was also put up for auction four beautiful displacements, including three of the German mark, among which there was a Porsche Spyder 550 from 1955, the legendary model of James Dean.

Although it has often referred to his dream life in Patagonia, Argentina, Florent Pagny always spend at least half the year in France, as he gave to Paris Match in April 2016 : "I’m never gone. The plan to the Jacques Brel or Antoine, this is not my thing. I’ve always produced the records, given concerts, participated in tv shows. But with age I learned to organize myself, so I have my career in France and my other life in Argentina".

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