Sunday, January 22, 2017

Vincent Cerutti who would like to have a second child with his girlfriend, Hapsatou Sy – Here

Vincent Cerutti is a dad filled and completely gaga for her baby. On September 20, his companion, columnist and business woman Hapsatou Sy, gave birth to their first child. A little girl they have decided to call Abbie, a name with origins in senegal and the English, as had been revealed to the facilitator a few days after his coming into the world. Pleased, the latter was already assigned on his happiness of being a father during his visit on the set of the tv program ” The Buzz TV in the Figaro, and had even admitted that this birth had been a real upheaval.

Four months later, Vincent Cerutti seems to be done to this new life, and has confessed, in an interview for The new yorker this Saturday, January 21, that he was “fallen into the cliché of the dad cake ” : “I am gaga for his smell, I am sure that everyone around her has their hands clean… She must think I’m crazy. “. The ex-presenter of the show Dancing with the stars was also told that it ” do not contemplate a second to not have a second enfant “. For him, fatherhood is ” an antidote against selfishness “. A propable new baby to come and perhaps even a future marriage in the making…


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