Gilbert Collard just before Laurence Ferrari and tell him “no need to mount the tone”. – Screen Capture / C8

” Your voice in the media is quite compatible with the airports. “This sentence launched to Laurence Ferrari in the well-named program Punchline (from 40′ on the video below) this Sunday, is only one of the attacks of Gilbert Collard against the journalist. And not the best, as she remarked : “What a insult ! Frankly, this is not of your level, these attacks of machismo. “

in Addition to this phrase sexist, the chairman of the committee to support Marine Le Pen interviewed Laurence Ferrari on the date of the Policy. Destabilized, the reporter asked Gilbert Collard to give himself the answer by wanting to stay in his role as interviewer. What he has done in reverse, claiming that the Commune had taken place in 1870, so that it extends from march to may 1871.

The lawyer has also pushed Laurence Ferrari to its limits on the subject of Nato, leaving her dazed when he asked him what the organization protected us. He concluded the interview by saying to him : “it is good to be well questioned. Even when one is as dumb becomes smart. “A sentence which is misunderstood by Laurence Ferrari, visibly leached by the verbal sparring with the politician, who replied :” You end with an insult ? “

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