Saturday, January 28, 2017

The british actor John Hurt, the face of Elephant Man, is death – The Express

The actor had incarnated Mr. ollivander’s in Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone, had also played the role of the second officer Kane in Alien and starring in 1984. The british actor, John Hurt died at the age of 77 years after a pancreatic cancer, have announced that this Saturday, several british media, citing his agent.His death was confirmed to the british news agency PA, by its agent, Charles McDonald.

He had been named for two academy awards, for his supporting role in Midnight Express (1978) to the side of the protagonist, William Hayes, an american tourist detained in jails in turkey, and for his first role in “the Elephant Man,” two years later. His performance in Midnight Express had earned him to be awarded at the Bafta Awards, the annual awards british cinema and television, and get the Golden Globe for best supporting role.

“A remarkable man”

The american actor Elijah Wood (aka Frodo in the saga the Lord of The rings), has paid tribute to the british actor, on Twitter : “Very sad to hear of the death of John Hurt. It was an honor to have watched your films, Sir.”

“John Hurt has been one of the most powerful, generous, and authentic actors I’ve ever worked with. A remarkable man. We’ll miss you,” responded the american actor Chris Evans on Twitter, in the middle of many tributes to anonymous.

One last appearance in Jackie

Often hired for secondary roles, John Hurt, born January 22, 1940 near Chesterfield, in the heart of England, was originally intended for a career as a drawing teacher. It finally integrates the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London, before starting his career in uk productions in the 1960s.

and His career took off permanently at the end of the 1970′s with his roles successive in Midnight Express and Alien, the eighth passenger. John Hurt has played in some 140 films, and has been present on the screen during numerous appearances on television series, including the british series worship “Doctor Who“.

a Very well-known in the United Kingdom, the actor has won four Baftas during his long career. He had been knighted by queen Elizabeth II in 2014. His pancreatic cancer had been diagnosed in 2015, but the actor had not waived the cinema.

For his last role, he played the father Richard McSorley in the biopic Jackie, the story of the former First lady of the United States Jackie Kennedy, released in December the United States and in theaters in France on the 1st of February next. He had, however, had to resign in July of last year to a role that had been proposed in a piece of theatre based on the advice of his doctors, according to the BBC. “It is with great sadness and great disappointment that I have to give up,” he said.


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