Artus, who has co-hosted the ceremony with Estelle Denis (dr.), came to the rescue of Catherine Deneuve who had a heel stuck in her dress, at the 11th edition of the Globes de cristal, at the Lido, 30 January 2017. – Anthony Ghnassia/SIPA
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” I have rarely seen in my life a night as amazing, of discipline, of benevolence… Véronique Sanson singing before you, and the guys continued to jacter as droppings ! “Fabrice Luchini has made it one of its numbers as we like, Monday, at the Crystal Globes, the awards given by the French press, in front of a room laughing. It was without doubt the best (and only ?) passage a ceremony, which was broadcast on C8 in the live at the Lido, which has chained the moment troublesome.

From the outset, Estelle Denis and Artus – who have not done very well – had to get out the oars. They called on stage the president of honour of the ceremony, Olivier Dassault… that never appeared. “I’m told it checks to see if he is really there this evening. Of course if it is not there, it will not happen, ” has slipped the facilitator after long seconds of floating. The duo then invited Catherine Deneuve, the president of the jury, to join them. The actress has indeed advanced, but she ended up with a heel stuck in her dress before facing a problem of micro (when it doesn’t, it doesn’t).

” Petite fiotte, if you have balls, come on ! “

Baffie Laurent distinguished himself by his humor redneck, not to say sexist and homophobic, when he came to deliver the crystal Globe for the best foreign film in the company of the actress Saïda Jawad… he’s called twice ” Aissa “. When she made him notice his mistake, the “sniper” replied : “Saida, it is the same [thing]. I’ve fucked so much, I have more points of reference. “He then reproached Teddy Riner, present in the audience :” Petite fiotte, if you have balls, come on ! “The judoka is mounted on the stage, it was fun to bicker with Baffie Laurent, who has persisted with his obsession for gay men :” It would be not more simple that you tell us about your homosexuality ? “

On Twitter, the internet, famous or not, competed with each other to express their dismay more or less amused and sympathetic.

The account Malay TV, which compiles, as its name indicates, the passages in the malaisants of the small screen, went so far as to wear the nails in the coffin by tweeting simply : “We’re live on C8 “.

” This evening is “inconceptualisable” “

But it is Fabrice Luchini, who has made the best observation in one of his flights of the absurd : “the beginning of The evening has been difficult, but you have to understand that France is a country that is going to move because, together, together… The sound was poor, don’t judge ! The people were not very well behaved, don’t judge ! We are together, we are French. (…) Everyone knows, in his heart, that this evening is “inconceptualisable”. “

” I thought I had gone through everything in live but in fact… not ! I think I will remember all my life of this plateau, ” responded, amused, Estelle Denis on Tuesday morning on Twitter.

viewers who were not in front of their position – the issue has not been followed by 155,000 people – unfortunately could not opt for the viewing of catch-up : C8 does not offer a replay of the ceremony.

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