Saturday, January 14, 2017

12 coups de midi (TF1) : Christian eliminated ! Jean-Luc Reichmann sent him a message involving Tv 7 Days

The reign of Christian is now finished. The Master of the Twelve o’clock on TF1 was eliminated Saturday in the face of the pretty, Clear, single mom of 29 years old and a law student. With 193 broadcasts to his credit and more than 800 000 euros of gains, the one that Jean-Luc Reichmann was eventually nicknamed “the professor” had become the greatest champion in the history of the game. If it has not reached the goal of 1 million euros it had set for itself (for a record-breaking amount won in a game show in France, held by Marie, a candidate for Who wants to be a millionaire ?) Christian without regret. Emu, the father of the family sent a ” thank you “deep and sinc ere” Jean-Luc Reichmann and his team, as well as the public that supported him throughout his adventure in television.

For its part, the moderator posted a message touching on his account Facebook, to salute the journey of the candidate :

Dear Christian,

After over 6 months of an adventure that has changed your life for ever, this Saturday the 14th of January You, the greatest Master of Midi the story of 12 SHOTS, are eliminated.

You that I’ve nicknamed very quickly, “the Professor” as I had the feeling of taking a lesson with each episode, are become the candidate with the greatest longevity in the History of TV Games.
You leave, and 12 Shots after 193 entries and a record jackpot of 809 392€ that you earn to our viewers … It is a dream !

in Addition to this, your wonderful adventure will remain for all, a very strong emotion of television, an unforgettable moment of our show.
You that, at your arrival, yearned to pay tribute to your Mom, huge fan of our appointment, thanks to her, thanks to 12 Hits, thanks to TF1, You who did not have a penny, go to be able to 52 years to eat to your hunger and enjoy the future much more confidently with Robin and Clément both of your beautiful children.
Congratulations to You, Christian, yes You uppercase for your impressive knowledge, your démentielles performance on the dance floor, for your endurance and your benevolence towards our teams.
Thank you, with a big M Christian for this complicity that You were able to weave throughout this half year at my sides.
Personally, I don’t know what the future will be done, but You, from the top of your 167 cm, You are now the greatest. You, who have been maligned, criticized, You have been able to respond to some 5000 questions that I posed you.
You, the lover of I of the be and Games of pain, You’re going to miss me…

above all, do not repeat these words, which could interbreed, and even grill it on the canvas Mysterious, because my own remarks might be dirty on the not always very clear.
very fast.
Jluc Reichmann

This Sunday, Christian will be back on the plateau of 12 o’clock to receive from the hands of Jean-Luc Reichmann and her cheque in the amount of 809 392 euros.

See 12 o’clock replay.

Camille Sanson


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