Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ryan Gosling : The Land is the dream of a young man, The Figaro

INTERVIEW – The star was in Paris to talk about the film event of Damien Chazelle in which he co-stars with Emma Stone. After its triumph at the Golden Globes, it was nominated for an Oscar and did not return to the success of this musical comedy which comes out this Wednesday on our screens.

They had left Ryan Gosling in the unfortunate posture in The Nice Guys. The crime comedy from Shane Black, presented at the last Cannes film festival, involving Russel Crowe and the blond twink to form a duo of detectives branquignols in the Los Angeles of the 1970s. In The Land, the prodigy, Damien Chazelle (Whiplash), Gosling becomes glamorous and sexy. He sings, dance and plays the piano for the beautiful eyes of Emma Stone. 2017 should be a rich year for this pretender to her serious Oscar. In spite of a severe cold, and answers laconic, the actor remains friendly during this interview conducted Wednesday 11 January, 48 hours after its triumph at the Golden Globes in the category best actor in a comedy. On the other hand, he will say the least possible, on the result of Blade Runner in which it is engaged. The fault of the snipers who have in the viewfinder…

LE FIGARO.- How do we feel when we play in the film that elicits such a wait and such excitement since its introduction at the opening of the Venice film Festival last September?

RYAN GOSLING.- It’s better than the opposite. I am very surprised of the reception of the film. I was ready for the fight…

What fight?

I love the film, but I wasn’t sure if this was the right time to do it.

The first time you have heard of the project, you are told what: “A musical comedy, what a weird idea!” or “A musical comedy? I want to be!”?

It is not of any musical comedy. We didn’t want to do a musical in the style of old-fashioned 1950s. The Land keeps the spirit of the genre but this film is a very contemporary, not nostalgic. It is a great challenge.

Not like The Artist, the pastiche in black and white by Michel Hazanavicius?

The Artist is a wonderful movie, but The Land provides a contemporary version of the musical comedies of the 1950s.

To prepare yourself, have you watched a lot of musicals?

Yes, it looked full, and in particular those of Jacques Demy. We wanted to make a good musical comedy but we also wanted to make a good film. The characters were to be realistic, more natural than in most musicals, and at the same time capable of flying to the stars and dance. This balance was a challenge and we didn’t really have references.

What was the most difficult for you: to learn to dance, sing, tap dance or play the piano?

The piano, no doubt. Did I almost not play it before the shoot. Sebastian, my character, is supposed to be a jazz pianist very talented and Damien Chazelle wanted to shoot sequence shots. There was not the possibility to cut, so I had no choice. I have taken classes…

And dance?

When I was a child, I wanted to dance. I have attended several dance schools but I do not see a future in this discipline. I preferred to play the comedy. I loved return to this first love, thanks to The Land.

The Land reminds us that talent is not enough to succeed. Do you agree with this?

I believe that above all, we need the chance to succeed in life. I’ve had a lot more than my character, Sebastian. What is interesting is the way in which Damien plays with different scenarios at the end of the film. “And if…” a Lot of people are asking the question of what would have been their life if they had made different choices.

The chemistry between Emma Stone and you is awesome…

We had already filmed two movies together before The Land (Crazy, Stupid, Love and Gangster Squad, ED.) If this had been our first collaboration, it would have been much more difficult as we had to work. When you work with a friend, you don’t have to be polite.

What kind of director is Damien Chazelle?

Damien Chazelle is incredibly ambitious and rigorous. He knows exactly what he wants. Can you explain the film shot by shot, but he is also happy to make changes at any time if you make an interesting proposal.

His way of working is an inspiration to you, as a director?

I have since a few years, a film project about Busby Berkeley (great director and choreographer, including de42nd Street), editor’s NOTE). I still don’t know if I will play in or if I put it in the scene. When I met Damien, knowing that he wanted to make a musical, I was very curious as to how it intends to get there. His passion for cinema and its ability to reach the public have impressed me.

You will find Damien Chazelle for his next film, First Man, the story of the first man who walked on the Moon, Neil Armstrong…

Yes, as soon as we are done with The Land, you put your mind to because there is a lot of work.

You will be dancing on the Moon?

No, this is not intended.

You have just completed the filming of Blade Runner 2049, directed by Denis Villeneuve. What can you tell us?

I don’t have the right to say something. There is a sniper on the roof… (he turns to the window behind him, smiling). Work with Roger Deakins (great director of photography, ED.), Harrison Ford and Denis Villeneuve, it is a wonderful experience. I look forward to the public the way.

do You agree with the speech of anti-Trump Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes?

I love living in a country, the United States, where the people can exercise their freedom of expression.

When you look back on your career, what do you see?

I feel very lucky. I know lots of actors are very talented who have not had much luck. I’ve wanted to do this job as early as my younger age… The Land is the perfect illustration of the dream of a young man who grew up watching the musicals in hollywood and who has had the opportunity to make one.


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