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Emmanuelle Riva, of Hiroshima my love-to-Love – Le Figaro

DISAPPEARANCE The actress died Friday, January 27, died of cancer, without having renounced his profession. Aged 89 years, she was awarded the César for best actress and an academy award nomination for his role in the film of Michael Haneke, Love, which won the palme d’or at Cannes in 2012.

Emmanuelle Riva was one of the personalities the most attractive and the most elusive of the cinema and the théâtre français. A beauty, very classic, with that face structured and soft, his eyes as deep and as soulful as sparkling, a woman high, thin, who had kept his silhouette of a young girl and a natural elegance.

The fate wants that the two films that will have the most profound influence on his career talk about love. Of Hiroshima my love, in 1959, a film of Alain Resnais on a script by Marguerite Duras, Love by Michael Haneke in 2012, it will have impressed his strong personality, his peculiar voice, his sense of the deepest feelings, and the silence, dozens of roles, in film, theatre, passion for founding, and also on television.

To cite just one title between the two cities, we recall Therese Desqueyroux by Georges Franju. She received the award for best actress at Venice. This is an actress who has received awards in the world. Up at Caesar. “Love, this is the name of a person,” she said, involving Jean-Louis Trintignant and Michael Haneke (just before the coming of the Palm…) with his trophy.

Voluntary and unobtrusive, she has faced the disease with courage all the moments, turning, working up to these last few months. Last summer, she was given an evening at the Academy of France in Rome and made a film in Iceland.

Her family saw her as a seamstress

She was born in the Vosges, April 27, 1927, in a modest family of Italian origin. She remained all his life a lover of nature. There was nothing in his environment could lead naturally on to the boards, and yet, as a teenager, the passion of the poetry, of literature, of the theatre had entered. She joined an amateur troupe of Remiremont and, despite the opposition of her family who would rather a seamstress, she gets her way.

In Paris, she is a student of the school that was then called “the White road”, the École nationale supérieure des arts et techniques du théâtre. It is the student John Meyer, and would have been able to fit the conservatory and the Comédie-Française, but the strict rules of age limit preventing it from doing so.

It begins from the edge of 50 years and will never leave ever the planks, leaving always time for drama. In the years 80, thanks to Tilly and Michel Hermon in Cold fine, a new generation of viewers discovering this amazing woman. No one will erase from his memory his wonderful interpretation of another character of Marguerite Duras, after the actress of’Hiroshima my love, the woman “in the splendour of the age” Savannah Bay that she played at the theatre Workshop, under the direction of Didier Bezace. This was his last role, in 2014.

as Soon as the rue Blanche, in 1953, his principal teacher, Jean Meyer, the committee recommends that directors and it is with René Dupuy that it begins in The Hero and the soldier of Shaw at the Gramont that he leads. By the same author it will play The Profession of Mrs. Warren in 1956, and the previous year, Hope Bernstein, under the direction of the author, or Thee Seducer of Diego Fabbri, in a staging by François Périer.

A woman of essence poetic

At Work, in 1958, she created a piece of Dominique Rollin, in a staging by André Barsacq. It is said that it is seeing, then, that Alain Resnais chose her to embody the woman who walks in Hiroshima, armed with her camera. “You saw nothing in Hirsohima”….

George Wilson, who directs the National Theatre of Chaillot, the commits for Children of the Sun of Maxim Gorky in 1963. With Jean Deschamps, always to the NPT, it creates Zoo of Vercors before Badadesque of Jean Vauthier, directed by Marcel Marechal, with whom she also plays The Opera house in the world by Jacques Audiberti.

Claude Régy could not pass up this unique personality, this wife indifferent to all material success. A woman deep in love with the great texts, and is passionate about spirituality, a woman of essence poetic. In 1966, it is part of the dazzling distribution of the Back by Harold Pinter, directed by Régy, the event of the year at the private theatre. In the aftermath, this is Jorge Lavelli, who committed to create The Day of a dreamer of the Argentine delicious, Copi.

It is at the forefront. She likes the risk. It is not easy. As restive as it is unexpected, but when it comes to playing, it is a discipline, and a sense of the camaraderie is wonderful. She has a serious physical, but it is often of humour is amazing. She loves to laugh, she has a lot of humor.

She returned to the classics with Pirandello, Shakespeare (Macbeth with Roger Blin), worked with his professor who is also a playwright, The shortest Day (Lyon, 1972) and, later, A month in the country of Turgenev. It is a deeply moving Joan of Arc of Shaw with Peter Franck and found Claude Régy for It is beautiful of Nathalie Sarraute, Orsay, when the Renaud-Barrault plant their poles in the station abandoned…

throughout this period, she runs a lot and refuses much to devote to the theatre that she likes: in Remagen by Anna Seghers with Jacques Lassalle, who seek still to False Confessions by Marivaux in 1979, The Good Mother of Goldoni and Medea for the cour d’honneur in Avignon in 2000, with Isabelle Huppert in the title role.

'it would not enumerate the roles. It has always been in front, preferring instead the authors of the time. If a “character” he was deeply matched, this is the one that gave him Gabriel Garran in Emilia will never be picked by the anemone, according to Emily Dickinson.

In film, she works with the largest

Roger Planchon, Dominique Poulange, Brigitte Jaques, Pierre Laville, everyone has enjoyed working with this artist. It was a gas being poetic, it was said. Itself wrote. Poetry, stories, testimonies, and has participated in the book You saw nothing at Hiroshima, there are four or five years, confident of his own photos of the city at the time of the shooting. She has also published Just behind the whistle of the train, The Fire mirrors, The Hostage of desire. Poems, short texts, evanescent as watercolors but fed of gravity..

in film and television with the best, his career is even more important. She is the woman in love in Leon Morin, priest by Jean-Pierre Melville, to the side of Jean-Paul Belmondo. She found Franju for Thomas the Imposter according to Cocteau, it connects the films, choosing them with care. She has worked with the greatest: Denys de la Patellière -its beginnings – Bellochio, Kieslowski, more tonic, Mocky, Arcady, but also fascinated most young people who have all had at heart to offer him beautiful characters. In the disorder, Tilly, Garrel, Rouän, Améris, Bonitzer, Huster, Dubroux, Isserman, Marshall, Bourdieu. Many of the women in this list. And forgiveness for the omissions. In 2016, it will still be turned Paris barefoot of Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon and Marie, and the Shipwrecked of Sebastian Betbeider. It is the review.


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