Friday, January 13, 2017

Arthur speaks of Cyril Hanouna : “This is not my best friend” –


Arthur in

Arthur in “Children of tv”.

For the past several months, Arthur and Cyril Hanouna engage in a small war by media interposed. It is this time Arthur, who has drawn on Europe 1. And its relationship with “baba” seem less tense.

The story between Arthur and Cyril Hanouna does not date from yesterday. Far from having always been stormy, relations between the two hosts, however, had already begun under the best auspices. In fact, it is Arthur who had “launched” Hanouna in the years 2000 through the issuance of Planet Arthur on Fun Radio. Yes but things have changed in the meantime. Since that time, Cyril Hanouna became “baba” and does not deprive to be let loose on his former mentor. The latter does not do so and has responded to some of the attacks at micro-d'Europe 1.

” It’s going better between you two ? I don’t know, I’m not interested “. Entry requirements for the less muscular of the part of the facilitator. “Just listen to what he had said about me to say that Cyril Hanouna is not my best friend. But I don’t care, this is not a problem, ” said Arthur in The Great Live media. ” I’ve learned one thing in this business, and not only with Cyril, I have nothing particular against this young man is that he must not expect any gratitude. It is necessary to do things, and not expect anything “, he continued, visibly tucked up against his former protégé. However, it has all the same required to be tempered a little by concluding : “I enter no more into controversy, all of it is a little toxic.”


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