Monday, January 30, 2017

Angoulême 2017, a great year, despite an influx in lower – Le Figaro

This was the year of the appeasement in the Charente. No upset, no controversy, and excellent programming. Despite this, the 44th edition would record a decrease of 6% to 10%.

The shadow of the attacks, plane still on the Festival of Angoulême? Despite exposures that were constantly busy, concerts, drawing, refusing the world, a mild weather and streets black world, the balance of the 44th edition of the event, which was held from January 26 to 29, would a decrease of 6% to 10%. The organizers should provide the final numbers in the next few days.

The event has kept its promises, those to regain its status as an unmissable event of the 9th item With a Tawny gold quite unexpected, the coronation of the album is daring and less mainstream Landscape after the battle, Angoulême has not lent the flank to criticism.

Publishers and authors were not highly praised, relieved to experience a festival away from the turmoil of the last year which, we remind, had been marked by the absence of designers in the list of selected grand prix 2016, a call for the boycott of authors and an awards ceremony distressing (with a joke in bad taste). And we pass on the perpetual structural problems, quarrels with editors, and a war of subsidies that rejaillissaient each year since 2008. A conflict that seems to have been put between brackets.

group Photo of laurétas 2017, with in the centre, Philippe de Pierpont and Eric Lambé, author of

Photo of group of laurétas 2017, with in the centre, Philippe de Pierpont and Eric Lambé, author of “Landscape after the battle”, the Fawn of gold. photo Credits :

“A great vintage, remarkable from every point of view,” says Serge Ewenczyk of editions independent here and There. “Very great vintage, very well organized, very well-balanced in term of art”, has ushered Philippe Ostermann editions Dargaud.

Without forgetting Benedict Mouchart, editorial director at Casterman, and former artistic director of the festival for ten years, from 2003 to 2013. “An edition extremely joyful and unifying for the authors and our teams. A true moment of sharing and discoveries. As a staff, the Festival more fulfilling that I’ve ever lived,” added this man who knows perfectly the workings of the event.

The authors have not been left out. “It is a cliché, but this Festival is amazing. It is a wonderful gathering of creators, works and passionate. There is nothing similar elsewhere in the world! In addition, Angoulême has a charm that gives it a human dimension,” said Chris Claremont, writer of american X-Men.

Next to festival-goers, they were able to enjoy exhibitions of very high quality. Those dedicated to Hermann, Will Eisner or Kazuo Kamimura, the festival having been successful in the challenge of bringing together 150 original, have made the public blissful admiration, Gaston Lagaffe has pleased the audience in the square in front of city hall. I finally! The saga cult Valérian, the subject of a film project of pharaonic orchestrated by Luc Besson, was celebrated with great pomp.

The year 2017 marks all evidence of the return to the joviality that surrounds the traditional comic strip. A year, where the author is chinese 94-year-old Rao Pingru seemed to like his home to discuss his autobiography comic, Our History, his one and only COMIC to this day. Very comfortable to the point of paying festival-goers a beautiful Marseillaise in his native tongue.


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