Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Adele, diva sales in the US for her album 25 – Le Figaro

Three days after the release of his album, British singer has sold over 2.3 million addition to Atlantic records. A record.

The highly anticipated Adele album should definitely beat the record for the best-selling album in the United States during the week launch. With some 2.3 million copies in the past 72 hours, Nielsen Music has scheduled the album 2410000 bar is passed quickly. 2.41 million, the previous record reached in 2000 by No Strings Attached boy band NSYNC in which particular sung Justin Timberlake. The trade magazine Billboard he expects the sale of 2.9 million of Adele albums in the first week.

First record of the singer since 2011, 25 promised to meet a great success, but these early figures are all the more surprising that the album sales have declined since the 2000s and the advent of online music. Confident in its success, Adele chose it not to broadcast the album and his single iconic Hello on a streaming platform, a growing sector become a must for the majority of artists.

Nielsen Music finally provides that the 25 is the album up as quickly since the beginning of his methodical count weekly sales started in 1991. In addition to NSYNC, Adele should also flow more albums in a week that rapper Eminem and The Eminem Show in 2002 or pop star Taylor Swift and 1989 in 2014.

While 21 , its previous disc, was the most sold since the beginning of the 21st century in the UK, Adele has also recorded with 25 huge sales in his country: 538,000 copies in three days passed. It is thus in a good position to beat the record held by the rock band Oasis ‘Be Here Now’, which sold 696,000 copies during the week of its release in 1997.


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