Thursday, November 19, 2015

Historic first week to 007 Spectre – Cinema

We had not seen it since the 2.4 million entries Twilight – Chapter 5 the week of its release in 2012. 007 Spectre has attracted 2,203,549 spectators in 902 rooms in 7 days. It’s better than all the films released this year ( Minions included), and it is all the more impressive as dozens of cinemas in Paris were closed this weekend. This is the 34th best first week of all time in France between 2012 and The Minions just

& gt;. & Gt; & gt; Why 007 explodes the French box office?

A new card for James Bond, who has always had success in France. This new album Daniel Craig is on course to beat the 6.9 million entries Skyfall . In the rest of the world too, this episode running strong: he has already spent 500 million dollars in revenue on the planet. He will cross the billion as its predecessor?

Faced with such a blockbuster, competition sharing the crumbs. 007 Spectre has attracted more than half the audience of the week! The new Angel and Gabrielle Isabelle Carré and Patrick Bruel , for example, is second with 254,124 tickets sold in 337 copies, only 6 % of the overall attendance of the moment. It’s just enough to beat The New Adventures of Aladdin and 236,396 tickets sold since last Wednesday to 624 screens. In little over a month, this comedy was seen by 4.1 million people

& gt;. & Gt; & gt; French box office: Kev Adams stronger than Christian Grey

Behind him and attracting 202,291 curious more distributed in 560 cinemas, SF movie Ridley Scott Only on Mars has passed the 2.2 million admissions in four weeks. A nice score, even if the director had recorded double fifteen years ago with Gladiator . In the rest of the world, however, it is the biggest card of the filmmaker.

Lolo Julie Delpy , closes the top 5 with 124,167 tickets gone to 620 copies, about 800,000 in three weeks. Finally, note that if it has fallen to 8th place in the weekly top, Labyrinth 2 has spent 3 million entries in accumulated. This is almost equivalent to the score of the first part released last year

French Box Office from 11 to 17 November, 2015.
1. 007 Spectre Trailer
2. Angel and Gabrielle Trailer
3. The New adventures of Aladdin Trailer
4. Only on Mars Trailer
5. Lolo Trailer


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