Friday, November 13, 2015

Sarkozy, BHL, Bruckner … Farewell to André Glucksmann – Le Figaro

WE WERE Y – Many intellectuals and politicians were present under the big dome of the Père Lachaise crematorium to pay their last tribute to “the man who did not policy but of feeling. “

A strong wind and turquoise sky welcomed this Friday, November 13, a crowd of relatives and from anonymous attend a funeral of André Glucksmann, under the great dome of the crematorium of Père Lachaise in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.

Inside the cramped room with rainbows in the sky stained glass, personalities political and intellectual took front row seat on creaking chairs, to pay their last tribute to the “total intellectual who scored his century” by his struggle against totalitarianism and “human misery”. Of former President Nicolas Sarkozy – including André Glucksmann had supported the presidential ambition time – former ministers Rama Yade, and Bernard Kouchner. The latter, who had been his youthful companion recalled devastated by grief that “in strength to love a man, it is believed immortal.”

All sixty-huitards, Maoists to Trotskyists who now have white hair, were there to show their affection to the author of The Stove and Men Eater . The “philosopher in the white shirt” Bernard-Henri Lévy, came with his wife Arielle Dombasle Daniel Cohn-Bendit mine -the sadly recalled his friendship with the son of Jewish communists like him. Pascal Bruckner also stayed up for lack of space, reminded the forum “playfulness and kindness” of the great thinker. The Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin completed the first row of chair in front of the grandstand.

But the affection for the man was well beyond the intellectuals and politicians. Many anonymous were present, readers influenced by his thinking, but also from neighboring districts: the pharmacist, his neighbor building, the concierge. All made the trip to pay tribute to this man they carried in their hearts.

Surrounded by candles and bouquets of red roses by the dozen, the family was there, dressed all in black. “I never called you dad. I called you Gus. Gus because I do not get to say Glucks. Gus meant for me love, sympathy and admiration that could bind me to you, “said Raphaël Glucksmann, addressing symbolically to his father. This son “that made his father proud”, as recalled by a neighbor.

And Raphaël Glucksmann to conclude that the last words of the philosopher deceased were addressed to his wife:

“Kiss Fanfan.”


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