Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Eagles of Death Metal: “I want us to be the first to play again at the Bataclan” – Le Monde

The Eagles of Death Metal, rock band playing at the Bataclan November 13 when a terrorist attack killed 89 people, gave his first interview. The musicians of the group, all of whom survived, were entrusted to Vice, which has posted Wednesday, November 25 Video of the long interview filmed in Los Angeles.

Jesse Hughes, singer and guitarist but Matt McJunkins, bassist, Eden Galindo, guitarist, Julian Dorio, drummer Shawn London, the sound engineer, deliver a moving testimony. They tell how, after about an hour of concert, they realized there was a problem and managed to escape taking advantage of moments during the assailants were reloading their guns.

Still, Jesse Hughes is determined to return to Paris at the Bataclan. He says:

“I am very eager to return to paris. I can not wait to play. I want to go back there. I want us to be the first band to play again at the Bataclan. Because I was there when he became silent for a minute. We friends came to see rock and roll and died. I want to go back and live “

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Eden Galindo, Jesse Hughes and Julian Dorio, went out together through a side door. They left the stage during a lull and then went to the dressing room, to search for the girlfriend of Mr. Hughes Tuesday. But by opening the door to the hallway, the singer found himself facing an adversary: ​​ “He turned toward me, dropped his gun and the bullets hit the door frame.” The group turned around, ran down the stairs, found Tuesday and out of the building through a side door. Hughes testifies “several people hid in my box but the attackers came and killed everyone except one boy who was hiding under my leather jacket” . He explains in a trembling voice. “One of the reasons why so many people were killed because they would not abandon their friends. There were so many people who have put themselves in front of others. “

Nick Alexander, a trade group was killed

Matt McJunkins did not flee the scene with other members of the group and he knew that his side of the stage, there was no exit. He says to have taken refuge in a backstage room with many people, who immediately barricaded the door with chairs. Many were wounded.

Julian Dorio was thrown to the ground when he heard gunshots and snuck into his batteries. “I saw two guys there before, and it was perhaps the worst thing I’ve ever seen, they fired relentlessly on the public”


Even Josh Homme – a founder of the group, which was not present in Paris – participated in the interview. He recalled that the EODM sales manager, Briton Nick Alexander, was killed during the attack. In tears, singer and guitarist Jesse Hughes explained how he had been brave “and has not called for help to die because he did not want someone else is affected because of him “.

Back in the United States after the attacks of November 13, the group had put online, Wednesday, November 18, a text on their Facebook page in which they announced all their concerts canceled until further notice. They said “always trying to overcome what happened ” and testified to their support and sentence for “victims, fans, families and the citizens of Paris “.


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